I agree with the age old adage that excess of everything is bad. Just as the words ” fondness” and “obsession” cannot be used interchangeably, we cannot see the words “self love” and “addiction” on the same plane. Do you see that thin blurring line that differentiates “narcissism” and ” admiring oneself” ? Well,loving oneself can be compared to beautiful colors of a rainbow whereas self conceitedness is nothing but shades of black and white mixing together unproportionately.

Selfie Mania indeed reveals something deeper about our society literally as well as metaphorically.It reflects on how our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on acceptance of others. Do you know what the real paradox is? We capture the most beautiful photos of ourselves for others to hit the like button. This is exactly what makes selfie mania a disease which seems incurable. Furthermore, with plethora of self fashioning tools available, we are all just wanting to fall in love with our “perfectness”. Beauty is no longer skin deep as with a multitude of apps you can now stylize the way you want to look. So, in a way, you are not in love with the real version of your self which might be full of those flaws, blemishes. We crave for the reel and not the real. Maybe, because we are cowards and all we do is yearn for admiration of others even if it means is at the cost of faking things.

Hence, in a nutshell, it wouldnt be wrong to say that a mere smile on our faces reflects a tornado of emotions of insecurity, vulnerability, anxiety and dejectedness. Selfie Mania thus reveals a darker side of our soul and society where we are learning to master the art of pretentiousness than embracing our real selves.


What do you think?

Written by Vagisha

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