Scientist Predicts the Human Race Could Go Extinct within the Next 760 Years

An expert has made a prediction within the new book title “The Doomsday Calculation”, that in the next 760 years the human race will die off. So, the year 3000 will most likely never be seen.

However, if some rapid advancement in medicine were to be achieved then there would still be some hope. Although anyone and everyone reading this right now in 2019 won’t exactly live for the next 760 years. WheeBuzz brings you this report

For around 200,000 years modern humans are known to have existed, but 760 years doesn’t seem like a very long time.

It was William Poundstone who wrote The Doomsday Calculation after taking a new look at a mathematical approach that enabled him to predict virtually anything that had a 50% probability of occurring. An astrophysicist named J. Richard Gott III at Princeton University developed this approach which is otherwise known as the Copernican approach.

It has been claimed that this method can most likely predict the length of existence of anything of uncertain duration, so long as it’s being encountered at a random point in time. It’s rather complicated stuff, to be honest.

The astrophysicist Gott spoke to “The New York Times in 1993” where he stated:

You can estimate the life span of the human race or a class of stars more realistically if you have any specific information which affects the life span. Even without knowing exactly how long something has existed, using this statistical method you can at least roughly estimate its overall lifespan.

The Copernican principle

The Copernican principle which claims that the Earth isn’t the centre of the universe serves as the basis for the Copernican method. This is how Gott used this idea for his predictions. He applied this idea to humanity’s position in time, relative to other things which enabled him to come up with the notion that determines roughly how long something will continue to exist by knowing how long that thing has existed.

It was estimated that there is a 50% chance that the human race will cease to exist within the next 760 years, by using Gott’s method.

In a piece published in a Journal, he explained his writing:

He wrote: “Demographers have estimated the total number of people who ever lived at about 100 billion. That means that about 100 billion people were born before me. Currently, about 130 million people are born each year. At that rate, it would take only about 760 years for another 100 billion more people to be born.”

It is a 50-50 chance so humans could also live after 760 years.

The fact that there is a 50% chance that humans will go extinct in about 760 years or so forms the basis of the claim. However, there is a flip side to this claim being that there is also a 50% possibility that humans won’t go extinct after 760 years and will continue existing.

A lot to think about

This theory might give you a lot to think about, but just so you know it has been proven correct in the past. This method was used by Gott to predict the demolition of the Berlin Wall, in 1969. According to his estimation, a 50% chance existed that the wall would be demolished no later than 24 years from that day.

The wall was demolished two and a half years after his prediction.

Nevertheless, it would remain standing for about two and two-thirds years more. It was no later than the 13th of June, 1990, that the demolition of the wall began.

Poundstone’s prediction being correct is a big possibility. So, the future generations will definitely have to cherish their time on Earth while they still have the chance.


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