Science Says, This Is The World’s Most Beautiful Face

The world is obsessed with beauty  where both men and women throughout time have relentlessly explored various ways and means to look good. In a unique experiment and a first of its kind science explored through the combination of human anatomy what constitutes the most beautiful face in the world. A center for cosmetic surgery came up with their version of the world’s most beautiful face and you need to be the judge of whether they are right or wrong.

A study was conducted by Dr Julian Dsilva of the Centre of Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery. According to the experts, what constitutes beauty is very different from what you or I perceive as gorgeous and beautiful. Although the saying goes, beauty lies in the beholder, the world’s most beautiful face was the result of a well drawn out scientific conclusion. The scientific conclusion was arrived at by combining the facial features of a few of the world’s most beautiful celebrities. Read on to find out who they are. most beautiful face

Scarlett Johansson’s eyes most beautiful face

She does have beautiful eyes you have to admit that. Scarlett Johansson is a looker all right and one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood

Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows’s most beautiful face

Love her or  hate her but there is no mistaking the fact that Kim Kardashian has some truly good features and her eyebrows are one of them

Kate Moss’s forehead’s most beautiful face

She was a big time hit as a model in her younger days and Kate Moss is still a looker. Her forehead is undoubtedly her crowning beauty

Amber Heard’s nose’s most beautiful face

Johnny Depp was not smitten for nothing. Amber heard is the cutest thing to have entered Hollywood and her nose is so perfect. She is a stunner in more ways than one.

Emile Ratajkowski’s lips’s most beautiful face

Science actually did get a lot right when it came to singular features as Emile Ratajkowski’s lips are full and attractive not forgetting the luscious pout

Rihanna’s facial shape

Well science has actually chosen Rihanna as having one of the best facial shapes in the world. Maybe that’s not entirely wrong as Rihanna is a beauty and her facial structure is near perfect. But then again will the combination of all this attractive features yield what we would construe as amazingly hot and beautiful??

This is what the world’s most beautiful face looks like’s most beautiful face

And voila! Here it is the world’s most beautiful face according to science. The combination was achieved by facial mapping technology which Dr Silva created.  If you must know, the universal formula for beauty is the Greek golden ratio of Beauty Phi. The good doctor’s research included this very same formula for arriving at a conclusive model.’s most beautiful face

Believe it or not, Amber heard was chosen by the formula to have the most beautiful face in the world. Kim kardashian scored high with her eyebrows. Scarlett Johansson and Rihanna followed closely with beautiful facial shapes. All of these were remodeled into one facial structure which you can see below. According to Science the world’s most beautiful face looks like this!! And though it seems like some Frankenstein style research, the big question is what exactly is an ideal beauty.  Whether you agree or disagree,  beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, in this case, Science!!!


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Written by Andrew Alpin

Andrew Kevin Alpin is a senior content specialist from Kolkata, India. With a passion for writing from a very young age, he has 8 years of experience in content writing behind him. Apart from being well versed in several niches, Andrew’s forte is social media stories, news, health, fitness, parenting, entertainment, literature, philosophy, travel and food. With a penchant for writing poetry, he has also published a collection of poems written over years titled “Thy will be Done”. Andrew’s interests include reading, music and collecting occult and spiritual books.

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