Say Bye To Stress With These Cute And Adorable Dog Photos

Dog is so close to human and there is no doubt about it. Ever since the beginning of Mesolithic period in the Prehistory times, dog was one of the first animals to be domesticated, and has been a very good friend to human. There is no doubt about the fact that we all love dogs, not because they are cute and adorable, but they are loyal also. According to a report from British BroadCasting, the best way to kick out stress and depression from your life is to spend time with nature including animals. The report further says you’ll feel positive in a way that you can’t feel the same by something else.

So keeping the report thing alive, WheeBuzz brings you some of the most adorable and funniest dog photos which will not only get your mood good but also prove that dogs are the real photo bomb.

I am sure a photo also can do wonders in your life. Let us have a look

The 2 Musketeers

It would be awkward to compare dogs with Musketeers but this photo, in itself says a lot. I mean look at the pic and tell me why would you not consider them musketeers when they are doing fun like them? Makes sense, right?

Just say yes please!!

Okay so this is a wonderful picture and I certainly do not need to tell you why. The thing with dogs is that they often get so much involved in the life of someone, or maybe two persons that you end up being photoed this way. It apparently feels like the dog is urging the girl to say yes to the proposal of his male friend. Adorable and sweet thing to make your day.

Family photos can not be completed without…

Haha is the thing or reaction one may have in the first time of seeing this picture because it is just mind blowing. This is weird but funny, awkward but adorable, and vulger but non-vulger. I am sure you would have not come across such a photograph in your entire life. And surprising part is nobody knows why the family is not making them apart. Well we don’t know if the photo is taken accidently or on purpose but whatever it is, it is quite amazing.

Enjoy the beach party

It seems a beach party and nobody is going to tease or stop them. They are living and enjoying the time as any other human. And did you notice the photo is appears to have been taken as a selfie from the dog!! Yes, it appears to be so! Strange thing really!

Crazy about wedding

What would you say after seeing the pics well to make it funnier, I would say that the dog was the first lover of the girl and she is married to someone else and that made the dog crazy lol. Well the story of real context must be different but what is wrong in having fun, right?

The perfect family photograph

This is a cute picture which not only defines the relationship of a family of human and a dog, but also shows the adorableness of the dog. Look at the innocence of dog, it comes to th camera and suddenly the picture clicked. Well, out of all the pictures, I love this one the most I don’t know why.



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