Safest Counties If World War 3 Breaks

The world has seen the nightmares and atrocities committed on humanity during World War one and two both. Embarked and ended with tremendous destruction both sides, world wars were among the most brutal events ever happened in the history of world. Today we have come up with an article that will tell you about the safest places if in any case World war 3 breaks. Let us check the safest counties only on WheeBuzz


Switzerland is considered one of the most neutral countries in the world. It is also one of safest counties if world war 3 breaks out. Though it is a matter of surprise that Switzerland shares borders with Germany, France and Italy, who have all been major countries of the second World War. Switzerland is surrounded by the mountains that actually save the country from any such thing.

New Zealand

The island country New Zealand has been a very peaceful country, plus it’s mountain makes a barrier against outer attacks. New Zealand has good fertile soil and enough food production, so if next world war breaks, New Zealand would be able to self sustain itself.


One of the most peaceful countries in the world Iceland seems a land of beauty. It does not share boundaries with any foreign state. Chances are that Iceland shall remain untouched and if in any case World War three breaks. Moreover, The mountains surrounding the country shall be a massive help avoiding any conflict.


Fiji is going to support human  development at any cost. Fiji Islands are well known for being one of world’s most beautiful places, it is also one of the most safest places in case of the third world war. The geographical location of Fiji keeps it away from any foreign attack. With not very big population, Fiji has a history of being neutral to any global war and foreign affairs. The resources of Fiji also does not justify any foreign invasion.


Chile is a stable country in south America which is a prosperous one as well. When it comes to human development, Chile ranks the best in all the latin American nations. It is a peaceful and clean air country which makes it safe and sound during any world war. Also, the great Andes is a plus factor.


Tuvalu is an Australian country that is so isolated that it has always been neutral to any war kind of thing. The location of the country makes the country isolated, and one more reason is the population, which is very low. Also, the low resources gives Superpowers no reason to attack the country of Tuvalu. Tuvalu’s population produces it’s own food, thus if World War 3 breaks Tuvalu will be ignored and there will be no shortage of food.


Because of the geographical location of Denmark, it is going to suffer a lot in case of any European or world war. But thankfully, Denmark has world’s largest island, Greenland which will help the population. Also, Denmark has hardly involved in any conflict with any nation in decades.



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