Rita Ora Thrills Her Instagram Fans With The Topless Photos

Rita ora is today one of the biggest musical sensation in the World. Rita, who is known for her iconic fashion sense and charismatic voice has yet again thrilled her fans on Instagram with the top less photo showing her tattoo. The British bombshell, who is internationally known for her popular songs like ‘How we do’, ‘I will never let you down’ and many others is one of the global celebrities who keep update their fans about their day to day life updates and also keep posting new pics to maintain a strong bond with fans. WheeBuzz presents the article.

Rita is a celeb in the truest of senses. She is also deemed as the one who is going to be the greatest R & b stars in the upcoming time surpassing biggest of names of music industry, according to her fans. Another part is she keeps on updating her photos on Instagram to reach most of her fans and keeps a healthy and strong bond.

The photo

The photo is actually sexy in literally. The way she wraps her hands around the chest and the looks she gives is thrilled millions of people all around the globe irrespective of her fanbase. The glossy red lips and the attractive blue jeans slashed at the bum depicts all the sexy posture. The caption she put was “I’ll have a miso soup”. The bizarre caption must have meaning for Rita but fans went bewilder on the same.

One of the fans said “I’ll have Rita please”. Another fan said “Okay red lips and denim it is”.

Rita Ora on Instagram

The British music sensation has more than 13 million followers on Instagram and the part which one would love the most would definitely be her sexy selfies that, needless to say, can make you fan in moments.

Earlier also, not much back, she thrilled her fans with posting the white hot and sexy photo.

Before that, she had posted the photograph of hers in which she is enjoying steering the boat which was followed by a number of pics.

Well, what else can you ask for from a celeb, right?

Lesser known facts about Rita

•Rita ora was not born in the United Kingdom, infact she was born on Kosovo and later her family came to London when she was just one year old.

•She was named Rita after the Hollywood actress Rita Hayworth who was an iconic name in 1940s and 1950s.

•The song “Hot right now” was a product of YouTube. Like Justin Bieber, she used to upload videos on YouTube and fortunately DJ Fresh noticed her.

•Surprisingly 27 years old diva has been linked with some of the most famous dudes including Calvin Harris, Lewis Hamilton, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Drake.

•Nobody knows Why Rihanna and Rita don’t like each other but Rita is feud with Rihanna.

•She is an actress too, having worked in several films and TV series.

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