Rihanna’s Sensational Figure Adorned in Bikini Goes Viral

The Barbados heritage and Caribbean traditions and festivals have been Rihanna’s all time favorite. Off lately, she was the trending topic all over the social media because of her costume; was spotted at “The Kadooment Day Parade” (Climax of the “Crop Over Festival) in her native country, Barbados.

Rihanna uploaded a photo of her on Instagram, where her body was bejeweled with the garters and plumed wings with pink and green feathers for the colorful and rich harvest festivity.  She updated her fans posting series of snaps to the Instagram stories, which talked about her phenomenal body.

The Barbadian flaunted her ample cleavage and a tiny bikini top, which was equally teamed with the dazzling fishnet tights and skimpy brief. She rocked with her spectacular hairdo and makeup, wearing a pair of impeccable white sneakers from Puma.

What’s “Crop Over Festival”?It’s a West Indian festival, celebrated to mark the end day of the sugar cane harvest which backs till the colonial time. There’s always a huge celebration to mark the culmination of another successful sugar cane harvest at the end of the sugar season.

The Crop Over celebration is always huge, it’s observed for the culmination for another thriving sugar cane harvest at the end of every sugar season. It’s the most colorful and popular festival and was originated in the year 1780, where the Barbados was the largest sugar producer in the world.

Many sugar industries in Barbados refused the Crop Over festival and terminated in the year 1940 due to the 2nd World War. In the year 1974, the festival was rejuvenated and the Barbadian culture elements created the extravaganza, which attracts many tourists.

Originally, it was called “Harvest Home” and it involves dancing, singing, music, vibrant costumes, and much more. The other part of tradition includes feasting, climbing a greased pole, and boozing competitions. It begins in the month of June, and continues through the first Monday of August with “The Grand Kadooment.”

The 29-year old Barbadian artist has made her appearance at the final parade day many times, and worn attention grabbing attires. She has dressed sensibly according to the weather, and the temperature in Barbados is around 30 degree Celsius.

Rihanna’s costume was designed by a bedazzled costume, DBleudazzled and as per Vogue; rest of the costume was assembled by a local designer Laura Austin.

Recently, designers are getting creative and innovative and costume for the “Crop Over Festival” needs to be vibrant, radiant, and enlivening.

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Written by Smitha N Prakash

I am a freelance content writer

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