Ridiculously amazing sweets from all over the world! Got a sweet tooth? Then see this list!!

There is a saying: without dessert, no meal is completed. True! Sweets and desserts are just not a food, it’s a feeling.  No matter which occasion you are talking about, maybe it’s your birthday or your anniversary or may be just a celebration! Not just that, even for sad moments like breakups, sweets are one of the most recommended things that people love to eat. According to science, sweets actually soothe your nerves and your body releases happy hormones which help in relaxing you. There are so many cities, states, and countries, and they all have something extra ordinary when it comes to sweets and desserts. Well, here is the list of MOST EXTRAORDINARY sweets that you ever tasted! So if you are crazy over sweets then TA DA! Here is your amazing sweet bucket list!!

#1 Prinsesstårta

In English, it also means Princess Cake. Prinsesstårta is originally from Swedish. It’s one of the most delicious cakes that you have ever tasted. The topping of this cake is hard and made of marzipan; it’s a green in color which looks super awesome. Beneath that, you will get sponge cake with layers of pastry cream and whipped cream.

#2 Nanaimo bar

British Columbian sweet bar made by wafer crumbs and a layer of butter custard flavor icing and as a topping, you will get melted chocolate layer! This bar is named after the Nanaimo city which is situated in British Columbia.  Nanaimo bars are not only amazing in taste but it is also famous for its no baking rule.

#3 Baklava

Baklava is turkey sweet thin crust with chopped nuts as filler and drenched in a layer of sweet honey or any syrup dish. The best about this sweet is, baklava is not having an ancient history behind its origin but also its one of the most on demand sweet in Turkey!

#4 Brigadeiro

If you love chocolate then this dish is only for you! Egypt sweet that is soft and chocolaty in texture with chocolate sprinkles rolled over. Brigadeiro is originally invented by Brazil women who lost her heart over Brazilian Politician, and for helping him to win she started selling this sweet treat to people. However, he didn’t win that election but Brigadeiro becomes one of the most famous sweet.

#5 Picarones

In easy words, it’s a version of donuts but with different texture and flavor. Peruvian’s sweet is made with sweet potato and sugar. After deep frying, Picarones are served to eat! If you love donuts then you should give a try to this one too!

#6  RajBhog

Giant version of Rosgualla, as its size is almost twice! Rajbhog is from India, mostly found in Bihar. This sweet is made with Indian cottage also known as paneer with the flavor of saffron which gives a light yellowish shade. There is stuffing of dry fruits in the middle of Rajbhog that dipped in rose scented syrup.

#7 Banoffee Pie

An English sweet pie made with bananas, and cream with toffee and a light touch of chocolate or coffee. This dish is served with a light layer of caramel on a crispy crumbled biscuits. Banoffee pie is perfect if you like light flavor sweets to eat



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