Revitalise on this Christmas With these amazing easy peezy DIY’s

Christmas carols, Santa Clause, Christmas tree, Pies, parties, and loads and loads of gifts – doesn’t this remind you of 25th December? Every year, we all celebrate this day with great joy – children go to bed early with the hope of receiving gifts by their bed side with one sock hung to the door. Adults meet up for Christmas parties and we all meet our near and dear ones in the Church. With the snow outside, and everybody in the mood of festivity, this festival is surely a one full of joy, happiness and hope. Amongst all this hustle bustle, the joy of exchanging gifts is altogether another excitement.

So, this Christmas, ditch the cliché gifts and go DIYing. Confused? Well, to clear out some of your confusion here are some amazing DIY ideas that you can try at home today –

A gift hamper

This is the easiest DIY gift that you can make. If you just cannot decide on one single gift for your loved one, then go for the hamper style this Christmas. Use loads of their favorite items, add a touch of your own love, with some hand written letters, and you are good to go. Cover the hamper with net, ribbons and a beautiful greeting.

A complete homemade scrub 

If you have been on the lookout for something unique yet useful, then there is nothing better than having made a scrub for your loved ones. You can use mint, coconut oil and other lovely fragrances to make the scrub. Stuff the scrubs into old mason jars, tie it up with Christmas socks and ribbons and add a card of it, with the name of the scrub.  

Name Plates for the house entrances

Go the old school style this Christmas. Use wood and Plaster of Paris to make name plates of your dear ones. You can also old license plates for some added creativity. Use colors to paint them into amazing different colors as well.

Sweaters and mittens made out of love

If you think buying ready-made sweaters is too mainstream? Then get going and take the wool and knit one yourself! You can use your own creativity here and use colorful and funky colors and combinations of wool to make the mitten and sweater. You can also go creative on the buttoning side.

Make those cute little piggy banks for the kids in the house

Not able to think of anything apart from chocolates and brownies for kids? Why not make use of the metal small boxes that are left over once the insides of it are over? Use them as the base of the piggy bank and then decorate them. Adore them with ribbons and name cards.

A chalk boarded Tray

Stick a chalk board onto a wooden surface and screw up two handles at the end and convert it into a cool tray! What more, write some messages on it too!

So, now that you have some ideas to kick off, what are you waiting for? Get going, and use your creative mind to its best!

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