A remarkable hit at Apple’s iTunes chart

The “A a a a a amazing” song by Samir Mezrahi that has swooped it right into iTunes’s 50 top played songs.

A “silent” song can be the new entrant to your iPhone playlist going by its popularity in the iTunes chart.

Someone rightly said, “Silence is bliss”. It is just that Sameer Mezrahi took it way too seriously!

Now if you are wondering who exactly is Sameer Mezrahi, then know this that he is a savior for all iPhone users. Today iPhone users do not have to bear the pain of listening to the same song every day or in fact more than once in a day every time they step into their cars.

It so happens that when a user plugs his phone into the car audio system, iPhone has this really annoying habit of playing the ‘alphabetically first’ song from the playlist. This might sound a petty issue to some. But unless you’ve faced it, you will not realize the misery of listening to a particular track so many times that you can actually blink your eye with every beat of it.

Once in your car, you are compelled to listen to the same song and even if you are super quick in changing the song, there is a slim chance that you can avoid the beginning at least.

What Sameer Mezrahi made is an extremely simple but exceptionally helpful creation. All he did was create a track – no, no guitars or drums this time, but 9.58 minutes of complete silence. This silence is in fact bliss when you know you don’t have to listen to a track which was once your favorite but now you’ve heard it so many times that you just cannot stand it. The track which is currently among iTunes’s 50 top played songs is more like a concealer that basically spoofs car audio systems. And if you think it’s going to stop at that – wait, Mezrahi says that he eyes the number one spot!

Now this track has a fascinating name that says “A a a a a very good song”! This ensures that the track remains at the top of your playlist unless obviously another competitor comes up with another silence track with a 6th ‘a’ stuck in front the track’s name.

Those ways, if you are going to drive for less than 10 minutes you save yourself from the pain of listening to the same track always. Setting a playlist for that short a journey is meaningless. On the other hand, if you want a perfect playlist for your drive, ten minutes of golden silence gives you enough time to create a playlist containing your favorites. Needless to mention that this way you are saved from that one song that you’ve been listening to for months.

A consequence of listening to music online was that the sale of iTunes has dropped significantly. This track has proven the reliance of iPhone users over locally stored media which was quite underrated due to the advent of online streaming.The most remarkable feature of this entire move is that people were actually so pissed of this iPhone feature that they actually are using this silence track! The song has already moved ahead of the hits by Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Selena Gomez and dwells close to hits by Ed Sheeran and Miley Cyrus. This track is available on iTunes at the price of $0.99 only.

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