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Reasons Why February Is The Best Month Ever!!!

It is no secret that many people have their own favorite months which they hold high above all other months for various reasons of their own. Some of these months score points with many, except it is probably not the first time you have heard that February is the best of them all.

Here WheeBuzz brings you some amazing reasons why February is indeed the best month of the year.

#1 Goodbye, frosty!

Reasons Why February Is The Best Month Ever!!!

Winter is no doubt a very appealing picturesque season, but the beauty comes with a price. You guessed it right, the cold. As much as we love the snowman and shooting snowballs at each other’s butt, none of us finds it comfy to freeze. By the time it’s January, we are ready to drop from fear of frostbites. The days seem never-ending, and by this time, all the afore-mentioned beauty fades into lackluster communalism.  February marks the beginning of the end for the maddening cold and a promise of a fresh new life to start blooming soon.

#2 The Best Month to Fly

Flying has grown to be the most efficient mode of travel. In February prices of flights remain to be at a reasonable price when compared to other months of the year. This is a case despite it being the peak season. The weather conditions are also favorable to fly around the world. Travelling at the best price and a time convenient to you is the prize February bestows on you.

#3 Valentine (Lover’ Day)

So when exactly is love so much in the air you could practically smell and even get a bite of it? The Saint Valentine’s or otherwise famously known Valentine’s Day. I bet you that gift you kept safely hidden in your closet was waiting for no other than February 14. This is a secular celebration of romance and caring for each other and if I could never imagine it happening on any other day and month. There is something about it, something that makes this day in the second week of February special.

#4 World Nutella Day

Caught you off-guard yet? Many people still don’t know what Nutella is or if there is a World Day dedicated to it especially. Nutella is a hazelnut cocoa spread produced in Italy by a company called, Ferrero and yes, it is yummy enough to get a free day. A fifth of February officially marks the World Nutella day. This is a day for enjoying the best for absolutely zero expenses.

#5 January Troubles and December Expense

January offers the hardest time to most people. This mainly due to the closure of many companies and the fact that there are no new jobs in the market. This is the reason why most people look up to February and expect the sun to shine on them again. December, on the other hand, ensures that they have depleted the savings through celebration expenses. Thus February becomes the month of getting back on your feet.


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Written by Sony

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