Really Unexplainable , Mysterious and Mind-boggling Photos

These are the six really unexplainable and mysterious photos that we have come up with. The photos that can not be explained as the stories behind them are still mystery. Check these mindboggling photos only on Wheebuzz.

Solway firth spaceman

When a father named Jim Templeton took a photo of his daughter, it was okay till the moment they check the photo. But here is what was seen in the photo behind the girl. It was like a man (maybe an astronaut) standing behind her. The man claimed that there was no other person than his daughter. When this case came into global light, Even the Kodak Company investigated this photo and declared it to be untampered. Who was that creature is still a mystery.

The Babushka Lady

The Babushka Lady mystery is one of the most mindboggling of all time. In 1963, at the time of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, there appeared a lady in the photographs  This lady is seen to capture photos and events. Nobody knows who this lady is. FBI search the lady but neither her identity nor the photos she took ever recovered.

Goddard’s Squadron Photograph

In 1919, a photo was taken on the funeral of a squad member named Freddy Jackson. Everything looks okay in the photo untill the photo is closely looked at. Behind one of the officers present in the funeral, half face of a man appears in the photograph.

The squad members recognised the face as Freddy Jackson. Yes, the Freddy Jackson whose funeral’s photograph was this. Really mindboggling!

Coppers’ family photo

Not much is known about this photo but whatever is known is horrifying. The Copper family shifted to a new home. They decided to take a family photo in the new home where they had shifted in. When the photo developed, it showed a mindboggling, rather haunting thing. There was a body falling from the ceiling. I guess, nothing could be more mysterious and horrible than this.

Black night satellite

This is also an unexplainable photo and mystery that has still remained unsolved. In the year 1960, a dark object was found in Earth’s orbit. Today, it is completely alright if something like this is reported in the Earth’s orbit, but in 1960, there was no satellite ever launched, no man-made object had ever been sent to the Space. This makes this photo unexplainable. What was that object, who sent it, and what was the purpose is still a mystery.

The Elisa Lam case

In the year 2013, Elisa was found dead inside a water tank on a hotel’s rooftop. Her death was declared an accident and in the autopsy, there wasn’t found any evidence of drug or alcohol. But here comes the mindboggling part. The hotel’s elivator CCTV footage of just moments before Elisa’s death shows really strange behaviour of Elisa.

Firstly, she came in and then she pretended as she was hiding from someone and she behaves mysteriously. This remains one of the most mysterious and mindboggling cases of all time.



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