Really Rare And Unseen Pics Of World War 2 And Stories Behind Them

World War 2 is arguably the greatest war of all time which rendered a sense of hatred, evilness, destruction and devastation to most of the corners of the World. Can you imagine the world is divided into two clans and they are fighting a tremendously exterminating fight?

WheeBuzz has taken a shift and come up with a unique kind of article. Check some of the rarest pics and the story behind them are as follows :

Micky mouse gas mask

The Government of America, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, issued these Micky mouse gas masks with the idea of making them appear less scary. Well, these masks have a totally opposite effect.

Lieutenant Colonel’s Demonstration

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, one of the officers involved in the second World War used to order his soldiers to surround him like this and he would single handedly disarm each one of them, that too very calmly. The above photograph taken in the year 1943 is one of such demonstrations.

Shocking beheading

This pic is really rare as it was not even circulated during the war and is said to be staged once the war ended. The beheading was actually staged by the English in China with the purpose of creating public outrage and support for the English.

Dogs with explosives

Dogs loaded with explosives were used by the Russians against the soldiers and individuals of Germany. It was a part of number of actual suicide missions. Usually the dogs with explosives were often shot at, and often they were too scared to go near the tank so these suicide missions did not get succeed.

The blunt young Japanese boy

This photograph is enough to give anybody goosebumps. This is a photograph of a Japanese boy whose life has been literally destroyed after the US nuclear attack. On his back is a kid who was his brother and is dead in this pic. The boy carried his brother without shoe to several miles for cremation, and his blunt face without tears is enough to show what must have gone through his mind.

The Indian soldiers checking German tank

During the second World War, a huge number of Indian soldiers fought in the British army. According to some historians, almost one-sixth of the soldiers fought the second World War in British army were Indians only. This above pic is showing the group of Indian soldiers checking the German tank.

The pic with fake bear

German soldiers loved taking pics with one of the fake bears though it is said that polar bear was one of the problems for nazi army as often bear tried to attack the army. However the above pic is of soda Fanta mascot which is still in use in some parts of the world as a drink.

How many German rifles needed?

Like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, this photograph taken speaks about how much this person is hated by the Germans. He was actually a France Renaissance leader who was hated by Germans occupying France.



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