Really astonishing Facts about Ancient Egypt that will leave you wondering…

Ancient Egyptian culture and the milestones are some of the mysterious and worth exploring arenas in the World. However, despite many attempts of researches and work, we have not been able to understand or know why were Pyramids built, and more importantly how they were built.

WheeBuzz brings you 6 facts about Ancient Egypt that will leave you wondering

1. Egyptian women had rights and freedom

Where this thing is not universal even today, Egyptian civilization had a good range of right for women and thus liberty. This can however be hard to believe that an old Civilization had this kind of arrangement where women were just confined to home works etc. The conditions were different from Greece where husbands were the owners. Some go on claiming that the Ancient Egypt women were into buying and selling property also. Strange.. isn’t it?

2. Attempts were made to destroy Pyramids of Giza

The second Sultan of Ayyubid dynasty which had Kurdish Origin, Al Aziz attempted to destroy Pyramids of Giza in the 12th century. It is debatable why did he do that but he had to change his mind as the task was too big. He was However successful in causing a harm to Menkaure’s Pyramid. The rulers of Ancient and Medieval Egypt are known for trying to prove their supremacy over others.

3. Maybe.. King Tut was killed by Hippopotamus

This must be mind-blowing and to some, may be funny as well. But there are studies conducted on the life of king boy Pharaoh Tutenkhamen. Unfortunately we don’t know much about his life but several scientists have studied his body being buried with a huge injury. Some even claim it was without heart. There are evidences which establish the fact that Egyptian kings hunted big animals and beasts. Some statues are also found that depict Tut throwing harpoon. On basis on these facts, some scientists claim that Tut was probably killed by Hippopotamus.

4. Ancient Egypt had gods everything

Ancient Egyptians were the people who had god literally everything. According to some reports and findings, it is found out that the people of that land had more than two thousand dieties. From the God of danger, to the god of Chores, Egyptians had one of every thing and they were given their responsibilities. It was done so that the life being lived over there could be kept in balance.

5. Ancient Egypt has given the Modern World a number of things

Egypt in ancient time was not only busy in fighting the enemy or building the Pyramids, they have also given a number of things to the World. Egypt had invented many things which are of much use today. The examples include pens, papers, lock etc.

6. Mysteries are still not solved

Ancient Egypt has rendered a number of mysteries to the World. Most of them are not solved even today despite a number of studies on them. The most common of all is why and how were Pyramids built. Others include did most Egyptians look alike? And also what is there inside the Pyramid of Khufu?



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