Really Amazing Christmas Movies For Christmas Eve

Christmas is a festival that we all celebrate and wait for the whole year. It is finally there inching slowly in the lives of people and cities, and ready to spread happiness and positive vibes among people. Most of the cities on the planet have began the Christmas preparations quite before. Be it shopping or the unique and eye-catching decoration, nobody is willing to compromise this Christmas. Oh! One of the most favourite and must do things at the Christmas Eve is watching best of Christmas movies. Am I right? So today, we have come up with some really awesome and amazing movies to watch this eve.

Today, WheeBuzz has brought some really awesome movies to slowly mingle into the celebration.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation series”National_Lampoon%27s_Christmas_Vacation”.html

Enough to be added in your watch list this Christmas, this series of movies can never be regretted by a person. Hope this movie brings comedy and a lot of Festivity in your life. The story and direction in this series is a reason why some people are never tired of watching this flick.

It’s a wonderful life (1946)

Probably the most amazing, awesome, loved and recommended movies for Christmas, and also one of the best movies in general. Ah man! What a movie!! Really something you can’t miss in your life. It’s a Wonderful life has won many awards including the prestigious ‘Golden Globe award for Best Director’. It is the oldest movie in the list, yet the most beautiful eternal flick. It is like a ritual to play this movie on Christmas in some parts of the World.

Love actually (2003)

The major zone of the movie is relationships, but ask me how beautifully the director of the movie has shown the same. Love actually could be added to your list this Christmas. Also, you can’t miss Keira Knightley’s performance as an actor in the film.

A Christmas story (1983)

Ah! What a movie. A good family film, a good comedy film, or I should say a good family-comedy film. TBS plays this movies whole days on Christmas. A Christmas story is a classic movie which is going to be an awesome treat for Christmas.

The Holiday (2006)

If you love comedy and romance at the same time, then The Holiday seems to be a wonderful movie. It’s about two girl who swap homes on issues of some boyfriends but what happens later on‌, is the heart of the movie.

Miracle on 34th Street(1947)

Though old but certainly worth watching. Not much to say about the film Miracle on 34th Street, but it is a beautiful story of an old man from departmental store who made kid believe that Santa is real. One of the cutest movies to see on Christmas Eve.

The night before (2015)

The story would make you feel like watching this movie. Three really good and lifelong friends planned to celebrate the holidays with enough fun. If you have three friends group, then I would suggest you to watch this with friends.



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