Psychologists Have Now Defined 7 Types of Love, but Very Few People Experience the Last One

This expression of love can still not be defined by many philosophers and scientists even today. Robert Sternberg an American psychologist had discovered a theory of 3-components which included passion, intimacy and commitment. These 3 points are believed to constitute feelings that are described in books and songs. Sternberg had then distinguished that there are 7 types of love.

In this article WheeBuzz will help you know what feeling you have acquired for your partner and whether you require more time or not.

1. Infatuation

This is a mutual attraction between two people who are almost like strangers and is known as infatuation. In this relationship, none of the two people knows much about each other and doesn’t even know whether they have anything common or not. They still choose to stay with each other. Infatuation can be transformed into something much better but this is not usually the case. The probability of couples going through this type of love is less.

2. Liking

You can always be yourself in this kind of relationship. People usually share common interest, understandings and view of life in this type of relationship. In this kind of relationship partners usually, end up being friends as it will lack commitment and passion.

3. Empty love–1536217984-728-7b9719a427-1536656648.jpg

In this type of love, couples only have commitment but lack passion and intimacy. Big and profound love is the main reason for such relationships or maybe vice-versa. Empty love can be transformed by partners into passionate love depending on each other’s feelings.

4. Fatuous love

Commitment and passion is the main characteristic of this type of love. When 2 people are actually attracted to each other and are ready to move on to the next step of getting married and exchange vows and also share chores but lack intimacy. Happiness is very relative in such relationships but couples can stay together for a long time. They don’t consider their partner as their friend though.

5. Romantic love

Passion and intimacy can define this type of love. In this type of relationship, the couples are attracted and comforted by each other’s presence but are not yet ready for a serious commitment. Marriage or cohabitation is not often expected in such relationships.

6. Companionate–1536160014-728-737b569067-1536656648.jpg

Companionate love mainly composes of intimacy and commitment. A natural friend is best described as this kind of love and there’s a special bond between these 2 partners. Passion is what is not present in this relationship. After long years of marriage and acquaintance, companionate type of love is formed.

7. Consummate love

All the 3 components are present in this type of love- emotional intimacy, passion and commitment. There is no proper balance between these components but they are all present. This type of relationship is very hard to find but it is built then they are truly in love with each other. Couples usually enjoy and live a happy married life together.

According to psychologists, various types of love is experienced in one lifetime. It can happen with one partner and succeed to a higher level or it can happen with a completely different person. Your relationship cannot come into any of the 7 categories, but it will share similar characteristics with 2 types of love.


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Written by Andrew Alpin

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