Ever since the emergence of New Media, earning has become an easy move. One of the most popular New Media platforms to share content and earn name and fame is YouTube. YouTube has rocked from 2005 and till now and given birth of a number of millionaires. That’s right, millionaires.

WheeBuzz presents you the list of the most popular YouTubers in the World who are just dominating companies CEOs with their earnings.



The Swedish YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has been ruling the list of the most popular YouTubers. With more than 61 million subscribers, PewDiePie is really at the top sharing a wide range of stuff ranging from video game commenting to the comedy videos. He topped the Forbes list of richest YouTube stars in 2015 with the whooping 12 million dollars, and 16 million in 2016.



HolaSoyGerman is one of the biggest names in the YouTube industry. The channel was founded by Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis. Popular for his songs and band, He has got more than 33 million subscribers and is one of the richest YouTube stars in the World. Second only to PewDiePie, it has been growing rapidly.



The 27 year old Spanish Ruben Doblas Gundersen found the channel called ElrubiusOMG who he would have thought of to be this success. He, like many of the successful YouTubers is a Gamer who also showcases the thoughts and reviews. ElrubiusOMG has a strength of 27 million subscribers and is one of the most followed.



A yet another game related YouTuber in the list which proves how much gamelovers are there in the World, and apparently on the YouTube. Luis Fernando Flores from El Salvador found his channel and has explosively grown. It is comparatively a newer YouTube channel, but it’s subscription growth has been an amazing one. Along with game related videos he also does Wacky antics.



The story of its success lies in its content. Smosh is an American YouTube channel which is very popular in the field of Sketch comedy as this is its niche. It is basically a group of two named Daniel Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox. Smosh has a subscription of almost 22.8 million subscribers, makes it one of the most popular channels over the platform.



The gamers has literally dominated the list of Top youTube stars. Evan Fong is one of the biggest independent youTube stars who is known for his channel VanossGaming. Hailing from Canada, Evan Fong has become an internet celebrity today with  whooping 22.4 million subscribers from all across the globe.



Yuya is a very popular Mexican YouTuber who deals into the beauty content. She is the highest paid female YouTuber at present and has been a true inspiration to many girls and women. She has an incredible 20.7 million subscribers on YouTube and 11+ million Instagram followers, making her one of the most popular internet sensations of all time.




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