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Anything anyone remembers and recalls about a company is its logo. Like they say, a company is all about its service, customers and logo. But, due to several reasons, companies often have to change their logos, which sometimes take very long to be popular and grad the same situation as the previous logo was holding. Today, we are coming up with 8 companies with their old and new logos. Check them out only on WheeBuzz


Do you know that earlier this was the Apple logo? If not, you are among most of the people on this planet. Also, who would know about Apple’s old logo when newer one is super popular?. Well, there is no doubt that the new logo is well accepted and loved by all. Apple Inc. Is one of the biggest companies in the World. According to an estimate, the company has more than 130,000 employees.


Microsoft is one of the most familiar brand names when it comes to computing, isn’t it? From Bill gates being the founder and CEO to now Satya Nadella, Microsoft has been ruling the world of computers. 90s kids must remember the old logo, though some argue new one is much better.


Okay! So which Google logo would you relate more with? Which google logo would you be more familiar with? I can tell, new one. The internet use has been rapidly increasing and this is probably why one would more relate with the newer logo of the greatest search engine, right?


Discovery channel has been a popular channel. Since new discovery channel logo is not very old, most people would be more familiar with the older logo of the channel. However, some people argue that older logo was impressive and catchy enough. But the truth is the logo has not undergo much changes, thus was readily accepted by most of Discovery lovers.


Do you also feel that Nissan’s new logo is super Catchy, classy and stylish? If so, Nissan’s changing of new logo is successful. Nissan is a popular automobile company that has a a number of subsidiaries. Started in the year 1933, the company has successfully completed its 85 years of success in the automobile industry.


What would have gone through the mind of the one who changed the logo of Starbucks, we can not tell, but we can tell that newer logo is infact more acceptable and popular today. Starbucks is probably one of the most popular coffee companies, not just in the United States, but in the whole world.

Mozilla Firefox

Such huge change in the logo. Newer logo is more familiar for most people. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular search engine, having used by numerous people in the world. The newer logo now seemed like it was a must changed one.


The company’s logo has gone one of the most widespread changes. I mean, look at the older and newer logo. Is it like Nintendo made it easier for non-Japanese people to pronounce it’s name. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Nintendo is one of the oldest consumer electronics companies in the world, founded in the year 1889.Source- List25



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