Pizza Lovers! Here Are The Top 10 Weirdest Pizza You Ever Know!

Well, who hate pizza? It’s like a blessing for all those who cant cook or don’t want to cook. It’s an option for those who get tired sometimes when they came from their office and they don’t want to spend another minute standing and cooking something. Pizza is a love of bond between friends and family get together or even movie nights, or it can be a safe option to save your disaster date. Who knew that pizza can be a superhero for so many people! But do you know, there are lots of types of pizza even some types are so weird that will going to shock you.

So pizza lovers! Here WheeBuzz listing some top weirdest pizza that you ever going to know!

#1 Peanut Butter With Jelly Pizza

Lots of people have a soft corner for peanut butter and Jelly,  This type of pizza can be your most favorite if you ever wanted to taste Peanut butter and jelly as toppings!

#2 Happy Meal Pizza

Well, who says that you can only choose one at a time? Happy meal Pizza is topped with Chicken McNuggets, Cheese Burgers, and French fries. Interesting right?

#3 Meta Pizza

So, if any case you want to taste all kind of pizza at one time and at one pizza then here is something for you. Meta Pizzas are the combination of lots of mini pizzas as its topping.

#4 Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza

Bacon and pizza is a really weird combination, however, the makers of this pizza did a great job in combining two different things and its monster size is going to end you up with the full stomach.

#5 Mac And Cheese Pizza

Another one of the weirdest pizza, the crust of Mac and cheese pizza is thick and crunchy that taste extremely well with the topping of lots of cheese and mac!

#6 Pizza Fries

Fries are one of the best version of Potato. More than half population love the combination of fries with pizza and if you are one of them, then you should try this one!

#7 Coconut Pizza

Well, its sound kinda weird to add coconut on toppings of a pizza but in Costa Rica, its one of the most eaten pizzas that people love to eat. The combination of both is new to taste and also healthy.

#8 Typical Indian  Pizza

India is all about spice and taste, and for those who like to eat spicy food. This pizza is something that you should taste. Typical Indian pizza is kind if different from other pizzas as the topping of this pizza is Tandoori chicken, pickled ginger and garnish with mayonnaise.

#9 Nutella Pizza

There was a time when pizza ‘s taste was limited but now you can find different kind and taste, The makers of the pizza devoted this kind to all those who love Nutella.

#10 Chocolate Pizza

This pizza is nothing like ordinary one, chocolate pizza is completely made by pure chocolate, even its base is made of Belgian chocolates. For toppings, they use Chocolate brownies, Vanilla Fudge, and curls that are made of white chocolate.


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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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