Photos That Broke The Internet

Internet is a wonderful place. You may get popular on the basis of a pic of yours, who knows, it’s internet. Today, WheeBuzz presents you 7 of the photos that broke internet. Today you will realise that there are times when you just need a photo to catch eyes of millions. These photos made the world of internet crazy. After all, it is the power and beauty of internet.

So, check out the following pics that went not only viral but they literally broke the internet. The article, present to you only on Wheebuzz.

Ellen Oscar selfie

Before this photo, when was the time you saw so many Hollywood celebrities in one photo? Ellen DeGeneres, the popular TV show anchor did this miracle in 2014, and beat the record of most re-tweeted tweet with few hours with 1.2 million tweets. The selfie is beautiful. Comment below and tell us how many stars can you spot in this.

Call me Caitlyn

It is strange but true that Caitlyn was earlier an Olympic winning athlete with the name Bruce. Bruce officially transitioned to women, revealed her new name on the 2015 vanity fair cover. It went tremendously popular in the form of social media with the hashtag #callmecaitlyn. In fact, her new fan page crossed million views quite fast. This is the magic of internet.

Paper magazine cover photo of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for her controversial steps, but this time she rocked the world, literally. Yes, you read it right. In November 2014, Kim’s photo on the cover of Paper magazine broke all the records. She went full moon. Her nude butt photo triggered conversations all across the media of all kinds, and the Paper magazine website got 30 million unique view within few days. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

Criminal of model?

The stockton police department in California released the mugshot of a criminal, but this triggered a lot of attraction from the social media. His photo received comments like “no matter he is criminal, but he is hot”. Within few time, his original photo for more than 100,000 likes and two fan pages with 300,000 fans. He was later signed as a model, after his prison term.

2 Obamas in a photo created history

The then American president Barak Obama embracing her wife went viral on social media. It was the time when Barak was elected for second consecutive time as the American President. He used Twitter to post his victory in the words “four more years”.

Gisele Bundchen multitasking

This photo went viral for obvious reasons. Gisele Bundchen posted a photo showcasing her multitasking talent. She is breastfeeding her daughter (1-year-old), getting manicure, and her hair was being styles and make-up by three assistants. Wow! is what the social media had to say about it. Some persons went like “breast-feeding is a personal thing, she should not do it”, then fans came in her support and said it’s good to promote breastfeeding and praised her for the kind of woman she is.

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