People Who Said Something That Shook The World

There can be a really long list of people whom you can hate but can not ignore. But today We have come up with something of that sort. Here are really unique and different pics that whole world agrees. From sports to entertainment, no field is untouched in this list. You may be the one who love them, or may be the one who hate them, but the truth is that you can not ignore them. Here are the 8 incredibly furious people you can hate but can’t ignore. View the list only on Wheebuzz.

Cristiano Ronaldo

“In my mind, I am always the best”

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the greatest sportsperson of current time. He is one of the most favourite footballers as well. There are a lot of people who hate him, and there can be a number of reasons of the same. But the truth remains that you may hate him but you cannot ignore him. He has won numerous titles and records. In an interview, on being compared with Barcelona Football tone Messi, Ronaldo said “These are just opinions that Messi is best. In your opinion Messi is best and in my opinion I am the best. In my mind I always know that I am the best”.

Jim Carrey

I don’t know anybody who hates Jim Carrey. A comedian, actor, impressionist, producer and what not. He is deemed as one of the funniest actors of all time. In a convocation speed in the year 2014, he said “You can not contain me because I am the container myself”. Such strong words let him place himself in this list.

Muhammad Ali

“I am the Greatest”

“Muhammad Ali worked his butt off”, said Arnold Schwarzenegger about Muhammad Ali. Also known as “The Greatest”, Ali was really the Greatest. Apart from being one of the greatest sportspersons of all time, he is regarded as a very humble human being. No, you can’t ignore him. He once said “I will show how great I am” and he exactly did!

Shahrukh khan

“I am the best”

Though some people think calling oneself the best is a narcissistic personality but this guy literally proved it. From rags to riches, Srk has seen it all. Also known as King of Bollywood, he is one of the highest paid actors in the World. In one of his interviews, he said “It was 20 years back when I was on a street. Mumbai had really distressed me. I screamed that one day I’ll own this city”. Well, he did what he screamed. Wow thing, right?

Charlie Chaplin

If you have seen anything that Charlie Chaplin did, then you know he was a legend. Probably the only person who can make communicate with you even while being silent. The best of all is that Charlie Chaplin was not just an actor, he was a number of things that one can not even imagine to be. Truly someone you can not ignore. After all, he knows the magic of how to make you laugh.

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Jay Kumar is a passionate writer and Conversationalist. He is well versed with niches like sports, travel & tourism, entertainment, and news. He says his biggest hobby is enjoying living. He also likes and does a bit of poetry as well.

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