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These people strangely became celebrity just overnight

We all have heard that success is not an overnight phenomenon. One has to work for weeks, or months and in some cases, years to get it. But what if I say, there are people who became a celebrity overnight. Wouldn’t you feel Goosebumps? But that’s true.

WheeBuzz presents you the list of people who became an overnight sensation over internet.

Priya Varrier : The National crush

The 30-second clip of her debut film has rocked the Indian subcontinent, hitting millions of views. The new heartthrob has even got entitled with the Nation’ crush. The wink of Priya Varrier has thrilled the people, getting her an overnight fame. Ever since the video released and went viral, Priya Varrier became one of the most searched Celebrities over internet, leaving behind many actresses.

The sexy Doctor, Dr. Mike

You must have heard the name in several movies. But the New Jersey Doctor became an overnight sensation after the first photo of him went viral. He is today deemed as one of the sexiest doctors ever with an amazing 2.6 million followers over Instagram.

Sexy Tea seller in Pakistan

This guy hit internet with his immensely intense and good looks. The boy named Arshad Khan is quite popular for his exceptionally gorgeous eyes. The name became a household sensation in not only just Pakistan, but also in the whole South Asian arena. The 17-years old would have never thought that he would become an internet celebrity overnight.

Chewbacca Mom

She is Candace Payne, an American mom who made a video that broke the internet with more than 140 million views on YouTube. Yes, you heard it right. She self recorded the video, where she put on a mask and laughing crazily. The video went hugely viral, turning Candace Payne, more popularly Chewbacca Mom an overnight sensation over internet. She even has a Wikipedia page of herself.

Omar Borkan Al Gala

Would you imagine a guy was ordered by government because he could distract women just by his seductive eyes and incredibly good looks? You probably would not. But this is exactly the story of Omar Borkan Al Gala becoming an overnight heartthrob. The news went viral like fire, not only in Saudi Arabia, but in the whole world. Omar Borkan Al Gala is currently living a happy family life.

Sam Griner :“I nailed it” kid

This must have been seen a thousand times over internet, most probably on memes and other related posts. His name is Sam Griner and was clicked when he was just 11-months old. The image went viral and he today he is dubbed as the nailed it kid or the Success kid.

The cute airport Officer in Singapore

An airport officer in Singapore named Lee Minwei got tremendously popular when one of the Travellers took his pic and uploaded over internet. The pic got shared with a multiple effect, turning the 22 year old Lee a popular celebrity with really cute and charming smile.


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Written by Jay Rajput

Jay Kumar is a passionate writer and Conversationalist. He is well versed with niches like sports, travel & tourism, entertainment, and news. He says his biggest hobby is enjoying living. He also likes and does a bit of poetry as well.

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