Oops and ouch moments of famous celebrities

#9 BUMP high!

Rihanna was on cloud none after the successful release of her album, what made her more excited was the response from the audience. But recently at a gala party Rihanna was spotted with bump wardrobe malfunction. As it’s seen the back depth of her dress was so deep that made her butt visible and landed her in a ooops moment.


Black colour dress...oh yeah everyone loves to wear it. But is only black dress enough for your beauty... well the answer is a big no. Undergarments are too important to hide your inner beauty...after all you can not show it all to everyone. Well Joana lacked this sense and landed herself in a wardrobe malfunction tragedy recently. She was coming after a long flight and this might have led her to remove her undergarments. Uncomfortability you see.

#11 oops

Who knows that sometimes even a small blow of wind can get you embarrassed in front of everyone? Well exactly the same happened with Selena Gomez when she revealed something new... no no we are not talking about her song this time. This wizards of the waverly place star suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her dress got a slight lift up from below due to wind. Paparazzi got her this way when she was going at at dinner party with her family and ex beau Justin Beiber.


Fashion is what we copy from celebs. But no one is going to copy something like this to show off fashion. So dear celebs next time please make sure not to get caught in such embarrassing moments!! 

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