Oops and ouch moments of famous celebrities


Fashion is a must for celebrities after all they are the idols and role models for many people. Also everyone loves to follow their fashion from reel to real life. But what if this fashion turns out to be a blunder? Anyone can be a victim of this fashion blunder which we often call as wardrobe malfunction. And no one can escape from the ineluctable awkward moments which are sure to come your way. Thankfully no one is watching us 24×7 to capture our embarrassing moments on real. But the condition with celebrities is not the same they are not as lucky as we when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions. They tend to suffer more with this scenario. (gigs)

Below we are highlighting some of the famous wardrobe malfunctions which came under the limelight and have left us awestruck.


#2 The SHEER black dress

This is called double trouble where Kelly Brook’s black transparent dress just makes everything visible. It seemed as if Kelly forgot to check herself in front of the mirror before leaving. But this wasn’t the end again from the bottom her black sheer long dress also got a slight lift up just making it a perfect wardrobe malfunction. The paparazzi got her at Standard Theatre Award in November 2015.

#3 The Black POP

Imagine you are just looking stunning in a Roberto Cavali Black embellished gown and suddenly a POP moment occurs. Whoosh!!!Is that a bit? Nope it’s a lot. It was a nice black backless dress that made Lizzie Cundy look stunning and gorgeous at the chain of Hope Annual Ball. But this sudden pop out glitz made her reach to the next level. Her dress accidentally slipped a bit from top making private not so private part visible.

#4 OOPS! But I won’t stop!!

It was during a live concert performance when one side of her bra strap just cringed up and broke. This happened last year when Britney Spears was having a live performance in Las Vegas when the strap broke.  But ain’t she stopping! She continued with her performance and didn’t stop signing. In fact she completed her singing in that state with one hand on her boobs hiding the thing. Hats off...


Chrissy Teigen is a known face in Hollywood not only because of her acting skills but also due to her wardrobe malfunctioning skills. She’s also honoured with the title of queen of wardrobe malfunction. She got most of the wardrobe malfunction previous year. In the above picture it can be seen clearly that the side bottom part that is the slit section where she hooked a “pin” too is quite high. It landed her into wardrobe malfunction as the pin was hooked a bit up from normal and didn’t get her through the situation. Paparazzi got her at some award function last year.

#6 Blow time!

Adrienne Bailon is well known for her curvy body. We all have seen in The Cheetah Girls. She fell under wardrobe malfunction recently during the red carpet event when the bottom of her dress just blow up and made her spanx visible. Ahh!! embarrassing huh!! But the cheetah girl star handled the situation with utmost ease.

#7 Story of the Missing Brazier

Megan Fox is a well known household name now. Recently she appeared at the red carpet for the inauguration of one of the perfumes she endorses. She wore a beautiful maroon flowy dress by Roberto Cavali but... but.... she forgot to wear a bra underneath. This made her nipples flaunt and made her fall under a wardrobe malfunction.


 Lady Gaga is always known for the unusual things she does. Be it with her hair, her clothes songs etc. As always this time she came up with a new thing but not with a video song...yeah you heard it right. This time she came with a wardrobe malfunction. Her shorts were a way too short that landed her in trouble when it got lifted up a bit and made her embarrass.

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