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Franklin Roosevelt was a superstition believer

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is a well known name in the World history. He was an American President (32nd in number) during World War 2, who laid the foundation stone of United Nation Organisation along with Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill. He is considered as the most superstitious American President. He would never return back home on Fridays, believing that day would bring badluck.

Panama is the World’s healthiest place to live in

Panama is a central American country that is considered green, peaceful and highly developed. Recently, International Living released a report according to which Panama is the world’s most healthiest place to live in. If you visit Panama, River rafting, birding etc are popular activities because of Panama canal.

Criminals could be locked in box

In Mongolia, criminals could be locked in the wooden box before the twentieth century.  Speculations are there that they were often left to starvation as a kind of of punishment. Well, this seems to be a good option as a lot of crimes have been increasing.

The oldest surviving film

Ever wondered which is the oldest movie in the world? Well, if not you are at right place. Not many have ever thought about this. Well, as per the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest surviving movie of all time was a short silent film named ‘Roundhay Garden Scene’ of the year 1888. It is the oldest surviving movie, was directed by Louis Le Prince who was a french inventor.

Dolphins were trained for wars

Dolphins are such a cute animal, right? Well, the best thing about them is their adorableness that is always appealing. But, do you know, dolphins have been trained for wars? Probably not, because it is quite unimaginable. Dolphins have been trained on a large scale by the United States of America and Soviet Union during the cold war. Cold war was one of the longest wars in the history, which is quite a recent one. Both the countries studied the nature of dolphins and their behaviour.

Mary Celeste mystery can never be solved

Mysteries whose events and incidents have been in history can hardly be solved, but there is always a hope. The mystery of Mary Celeste goes back to 1867 and by no way, it can be solved. Mary Celeste began its route with some 8 to 9 people but the ship was founded without any of the person on board. The most surprising part was that the ship was found with huge food and water supply. In any case, if the ship met a tragedy, then how could food be found there. More surprising was the ship was found without any sign of struggle. It is still the Greatest mystery that could never be solved.

A beaver can hold its breath upto 42 minutes

Beaver is a unique animal when it comes to holding breath. 42 minutes, yes you read it right. It can hold its breath for 42 minutes. They are the second largest rodent and are cute if you see closely.



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