Most ‘Oh my God!’ food combinations around the world that people found tasty to eat

Food is one of the important points when it comes to the necessity of human being to survive on the earth. You may know various revolution and invention regarding food that occurs in a different period as well as the phase of humans.  We lived an era where humans eat tasteless raw meat and now we are here when we have millions of dishes with thousands of flavors.

Trying the food with something else is not a bad idea, after all, the invention is really important and it also makes things more interesting. There are lots of people try different foods with different other edible items. Some combination is wow and some are just gross, same like those there are thousands of other combinations which can be disgusting for many people but still some people found it tasty to eat.

Here we are presenting the examples that you can too try! And let people know you found it good or bad!

#1 Popcorn with marshmallows

Popcorn is one of the must-have things when it comes to watching movies.  However, there are lots of people who add marshmallows. Well, we can’t predict how it will taste but a combination of marshmallows with popcorn sounds not that bad.

#2 French Fries with ice cream

Another invention, you may have tasted French fries with different sauces and ketchup but with ice cream? Of course not. But again it doesn’t look that bad either. So try it!

#3  Salted and crispy crisps with Nutella

A Little touch of salty and sweet chocolate on crispy, for many people it may be the worst combinations but there are some people who are actually doing this.

#4 Popcorn with tomato ketchup

If you didn’t like the combination of marshmallow and popcorn, don’t worry here you have another combination that you can try, add ketchup and mix it. Try this, maybe you find it interesting like others!

#5  Peanut butter with onion stuffed sandwich

Again, with this combination, you have mixed feeling. Peanut butter is already a perfect combination with bread but adding onions? Well, can’t say anything about it.

#6 French fries with Honey

If you are bored with your regular sauces than you should try this, little bit salty and sweet taste is something you will like.

#7 Melted chocolate with melted cheese pizza


If you love chocolate and pizza equally, and you don’t want to compromise either of the things then put it together and it will become melted chocolate cheese pizza!

#8 Pickle sandwich with a layer of peanut butter

Same feelings with this one combination, it depends on the choice of your taste like some people like spicy tangy flavor with buttery peanut and some don’t. So try it at your own risk

#9 Orange juice and Oreos dipped

If you want to stay healthy but greatly obsessed with Oreos then this combination is for you. Try it together maybe you like it.

#10 scrambled egg with jam (Grape sauce)

No idea how it will taste, so better you try.



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