No You Can’t Die Without Seeing These Rare Historical Photographs

Throughout the course of history there have been recorded some really rare photos which are probably not seen my anybody. These photos are the ones which you need to see before dying. Some of them are political photos, some of them are of some other angles, and some are literally outstanding due to their unique reasons.

Following are such rare photos that you need to see. WheeBuzz presents this article with these historical photos to surprise you.

Last Public execution in US

Rainey Bethea became the last person in the United States to be executed publicly. The above image is of the same. Rainey Bethea was convicted of raping and killing a 70-year old woman. The media circus and mistakes led to the ending of public execution in the United States.

The giant Manta captured in 1933

Thankfully this was photographed. This giant Manta was captured in the year 1933 in New Zealand, weighting 5000-pounds.It is considered to be a really viral photograph of that time.

The Haunting Nuclear bomb shadow in Hiroshima

Not much can be said about this image but this is the image of nuclear bomb shadow in Hiroshima. It is thought that this man wearing hat died immediately after the Nuclear bomb attack.

The original Mount Rushmore in USA

Mount Rushmore is an sculpture in Mountain containing America’s founding fathers George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Above image is the original or first one of Mount Rushmore. It is located in South Dakota and was established in the year 1925.

The first woman to run the Boston marathon

Katherine Switzer became the first woman ever to run the Boston marathon. She was however tried to be stopped by other athletes who were male. It was actually a historical moments for the women all around the world. Today Katherine Switzer is an author and TV commenter. She is today deemed as one of the most iconic women of America.

The most beautiful suicide

Well, it is a sad story of a woman who committed suicide after jumping from the 86th floor observatory deck to her death. Evelyn McHale was an American bookkeeper. In moments after she jumped on the limousine, a photography student came and took the photo. The image, so clicked, showed Evelyn was so comfortable like she was sleeping, that Time Magazine called it the “most beautiful suicide”.

The first photo of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu in Peru is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. In 1912, it was discovered when an American named Bingham found it out. Machu Picchu is believed to have build in 1450s and is considered as Royal estate.

The last known Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger have become an extinct species now which makes this photo a special one in itself. This image is of the last known Tasmanian Tiger. Thankfully, someone clicked this photograph and we, today know who was the last known Tasmanian Tiger.



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