No boyfriend since birth? Well, it’s not a problem. Follow these steps on how to hunt a boy.

Some people really want to have a relationship.  A relationship that can make them happy and feel secure, but the problem is how can we have a relationship? Where can we find our soul mate? What is the thing that we need to do?. Those questions really trigger your mind right? Well, this is for you 5 ways to have a relationship.

1. Be gorgeous! Try to buy some stuff that can make you more gorgeous. Take good care of yourself. Try to have a good posture and smile when you meet new people, you can easily catch their attention. Go to the gym. Make your body as fit as you could. Buy fashion dress that can make you hotter and say “I’m beautiful”. Dress nicely to flatter your figure without being overly-exposing, and wear subtle makeup to enhance your eyes or maybe try a new hairstyle.

2. Be approachable! Just smile and talk to people. Talk about your hobbies and likes, it can help both of you to know each other more. Don’t just sit but instead try to approach him and smile like there’s no end. In this simple way, you can gain the impression from that person. Always remember! Even how beautiful you are but when you’re not approachable, the guy might not attract to you.

3. Get out there! Go, do the things you like and find other people who like doing the same things. It shows you have things in common. Try to find someone you like and approach them in a friendly way. Don’t be overly flirtatious which could lead to rejection or bad first impressions. Don’t be too shy, which could lead to never getting a chance though. Try to do things in common, it serves as your bonding time. Make that person smile and enjoy the time with you.  Be yourself! That’s the most important thing, and have them like the real you.

4. Find out what his status is. Try to find out if the guy you’re dating is in relationship or not. Maybe he’s already got his eye on someone. Maybe he’s just had a horrible breakup and he’s not open to dating at the moment. You will need to respect him, his feelings, and the situation he’s in by not being overly pushy if he isn’t in the mood for a relationship. When the guy is in a relationship try to understand and give him some advice maybe, in this simple way you can change his feelings and he can feel more comfortable to you.

5. Stay online late at night. Yes, you’re right. You need to stay online always.  Maybe the destined person for you is kept on stalking you all the time and they just prefer to say what he feels through online chatting. It could be a very big help.

6. Make him fall. If the person already confesses to you, try to make that person fall to you.

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