Most Visited Cities On The Planet

Some cities just remained eternal with their popularity, historical landmarks and tourist attraction. Few cities in the World make it to the top ten every single year. However, Paris, becoming the only city to lose some of its visitors is a sad part and Bangkok being at the top for the first time is a good part.

WheeBuzz has come out with the list of the most popular and visited cities in the World.

10. Barcelona

The Spanish city and one of the football biggest hubs Barcelona has made it to the tenth position even after the fact that Spanish is going though economic trouble. The city has always been a matter of attraction for the visitors especially from outside Europe.

9. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is often dubbed as one of the fun capitals of the World, which has rightly been proved because of its magnificent skyscrapers and amazing lifestyle. Hong Kong is not just a China’s important place but a major attraction to the World.

8. Kuala Lumpur

The capital of beautiful Malaysia, the city of breath-taking Petronas Twin, and a land to amazing nightlife Kuala Lumpur is one of the most visited cities in the World and continues to be one.  The popular skyscraper Petronas Twin is the greatest tourist attraction here.

7. Dubai

Dubai is a prominent city of the World having rich in business administration, tourism and hospitality. The World’s tallest structure Burj Khalifa is the core of the city. It became the seventh most visited city. Also, it’s the only middle-east city to make it to the list.

6. Istanbul

The city which is also known as the only city lies on the two continents i.e Europe and Asia Istanbul is the most popular and largest city in Turkey. That’s the reason it attracts s huge tourists.

5. New York

Well, New York is often dubbed as the number one city in the World. It has an amazing lifestyle and is a Stock market giant. But it’s the only American city to be in the list of top ten. Well, buildings like The Statue of Liberty, Empire State building etc New York is sure to be one of the most visited Global destinations.

4. Singapore

Have you ever been to the Singapore capital? If no, you have missed a huge beauty and peace scenery. The southeast Asian city Singapore attracts a huge amount of audience. The greatest gift of Singapore to visitors is ‘The Merlion’.

3. Paris

Parish has always been a place of tremendous visitors. Eiffel Tower rules the city and also the European structures. The city has however lost some of its visitors but still managed to hold third most visited city.

2. London

Previous year, London topped the list but it’s on second this time. London is one of the most popular places in the European continent. It shines and stands out of other places due to its mesmerising and breath-taking lifestyle. London is still the most visited European city.

1. Bangkok

The Asian city of Bangkok tops the list of the most visited cities. The Thai Capital is popular for a number of things including the Nightlife. It is usually deemed as Asia’s fun capital.  The revenue also grew up to make it one of the richest Asian Cities.

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Written by Jay Rajput

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