Most Unknown Facts About Cardi B

Cardi B is arguably one of the top woman rappers who is amazingly successful, having featured in a number of mega-hits recently. Being a rapper, singer and songwriter, she is considered as one of the most successful women in the show business. She became an internet sensation with her videos, vines and Instagram, and ever since then there was no looking back for Cardi. Today, we bring you some of the most unknown and interesting facts about Cardi B.

Real name is Belcalis Almanzar

Belcalis Almanzar is the real name of Cardi B. This information is not that easy to digest as we used to think Cardi B is the real name. But, there is not any doubt the fact that the stage name Cardi B became immensely popular.. what’s in the name when you are incredibly popular with your stage name, right?

She had worked as a stripper

No, do not think she had a sorted life, instead, I would say, she has come a long way. From being Stripper to becoming the female rap sensation, she has had lots of ups and downs, but like they say, hard work always pays. The story is, she was fired from where she was a rapper, and then her manager suggested her to try Stripping. That’s when she began it. In an interview, she frankly opened up and said that stripping helped her making confident and presenting herself.

Being a Stripper, she lied to her mom

Well, stripping is not a respectable job and our parents do not accept it at any cost. So when, Cardi B was doing this job, she lied to her mom. We know this through her interview with Khloe Kardashian in the year 2016. She said, she lied to her mom that she was babysitting in order to make money. She said “I said: Mom, these white people are so rich. They want babysitters to take care of their kids”.

She once received congratulatory flowers from Taylor Swift

‘Bodak Yellow’ was an instant and huge success. She made history with the same. After quite a big, or shall we say the first major success, she got congratulatory flowers from one of top singers Taylor Swift. Cardi B posted this Instagram and said she is a big Taylor Swift fan.

She is a big admirer of Beyonce, and idolises Medonna

Her album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ proves that she is a big Beyonce admirer. Like, she mentioned Beyonce after every 12 minutes. Beside that, she has openly mentioned it a number of times. Also, she said Medonna is her all time Idol. In an Instagram post she said, “I met my real life IDOL Medonna. It was the most meaningful performance ever”.

She has mixed nationality.

Because her mother hails from Trinidad and her father is from Dominican republic. They raised their daughter Cardi in South Bronx, which let Cardi B had multicultural influence. In fact, in an interview, she had said that being a woman from South Bronx helped her a lot in her rapping career and she is always proud about being from that place.



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