Most Unknown Facts About Ann Hathaway

There is no denial about the fact that Ann Hathaway is deemed as one of the Greatest examples of women empowerment in the American film industry. She is one of the highest paid female actors as well. Today’s article is dedicated to Ann. Today we have come up with 8 lesser known facts about Ann Hathaway. Without wasting much of your time, here are the 8 lesser known facts.

Her name has a historical story

Her parents named her Ann Hathaway after the wife of Greatest Dramatist in the World William Shakespeare. Her name was also Ann Hathaway. Ann is of English and Irish descent. She began her acting from her early life stage. That is hell lot of information to this point.

Was youngest to host prestigious award show

Ann Hathaway was lucky enough to be named as the youngest host to have ever been hosted the Academy Awards Ceremony. She was selected for the 83rd Academy Awards Ceremony. The event made Ann the youngest person to host it. Must be a wow moment for her fans and herself right?

If not actor, then…

In an interview, Ann Hathaway told that if she was not had a good acting career she also had plan B and C apparently as she said she would love to teach English probably or be a psychologist, or teach psychology. She said, she would love to do that and would be fond of it.

Also a Voice over artist

Apart from being one of the finest actors in the film industry, Ann has also given her voice to a number of roles. She played part in Family Guy episodes. To her big surprise, she had also won Emmy awards for lending her outstanding voice to the show. Well, that’s heck of a talent, isn’t it?

She was almost died in 2014

This was a really unfortunate event and is always terrifying for Ann to even think about it, and that is for obvious reasons. Most of her fans might not have any idea that Ann was once almost died. Yes, that is right. It was in 2014 when Ann and her Boyfriend went to a beach in Hawaii. Suddenly, Ann got drift away (swept up) in one of the riptides. She started waving her hands and scream lounder and louder. Since, her boyfriend was far away from her he could not hear her voice. Fortunately and luckily, some local suffers saw and heard the trembling voice and Ann Hathaway was somehow saved. She was bleeding when she was brought up to the shore. Ann Hathaway describes this as a terrible event of her life.

Much accolades

Ann Hathaway has been nominated twice for the prestigious award. She was nominated as the best actress for the movie Rachel getting married. Then she won nomination as Best supporting actress for the movie Les miserables which she had won also. While fans argue she should have won nomination for her dynamic role in The Intern, Ann Hathaway says every role is special and unique.



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