Most Unique National Animals of Countries

This article is going to interest you, no matter what, as we are going to tell you something different. Yes, that is right. Today we have come up with an article in which we are going to tell you the sassiest, funkiest and the most unique National Animals of the following countries. This list might be strange for you. This list is going to be interesting. Okay, so without taking much of your precious time, here are the funkiest National Animals of countries.

Afghanistan- Snow Leopard

This must be very shocking for some of the people but Snow Leopard is the National Animal of Afghanistan. The country, which has been fighting against terrorism since the very beginning and has not been entirely successful in the same, you do not imagine such a country to have Snow Leopard as the National Animal, do you? The reason of the same is that Snow Leopard is a very rare animal and finding it in such a Terrorism dominated state is a bad sign for the animal race.

Gabon- Black Panther

A lot many people do not know about Gabon, the country. Gabon is a country located in Central Africa. Popular for Lopé National Park, Libreville, Loango National Park etc, Black Panther is the National Animal of Gabon. Strange, it is, isn’t it? Well, this country has a diversity of animals. Loango National Park has gorrillas, Hippos etc. So you can expect much of wildlife in this country if you go there. The fiery animal Black Panther is the National Animal.

Indonesia- Komodo Dragon

One of the most populated countries in the World Indonesia has Komodo Dragon as the National Animal which is strange as you hardly imagine animal like Komodo Dragon a National Animal of any country, but this list is all about surprises. Actually, Indonesia and nearby countries are the homes to these special lizards. Komodo Dragons are native to these places. However, Komodo Dragon can be dangerous at times because they venomous. However, cannibalism is okay in Komodos.

Russia- Brown Bear

Russia is the most important country in the Asian region when it comes to International Relations, Power, Trade and in Global politics. The largest Country in the World is one of the five Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Anyway, Brown Bear is the National Animal of Russia. One of the brutal and fearsome animal. But, in Russia, it is called Russian Bear and is the symbol for the country, often used in cartoons etc.

Spain- Bull

I think most of us must be knowing about the National Animal as well as the National Sports of Spain, but still I thought to mention this. We all have seen Bull fighting, heard about angry Bull. Here it is. Bull is the National Animal of Spain, and it is not only used in Sports but it has other major uses such as Beef ranching Dairy. Spain is a South-western country of Europe, shares it’s border with Portugal. Apart from Bull fighting, Football is also a major love among people here.



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