Most Typecast Actors of All Time!

Well, this is fortunate or unfortunate, we can not really tell as we are not film critique, but this is the list of typecast actors. Have you ever wondered why you consider a certain actor or actress a certain way? Well, this is what typecasting is buoy! This list contains male as well as female actors, the ones who are some of the finest in the film industry. So here we are. These are the six most typecasted actors of Hollywood film industry. Check the whole list only on WheeBuzz

6. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is known for her amazing roles in movies, her everlasting and eternal character in F.r.i.e.n.d.s, and there is no doubt that she is one of the most popular female actors of Hollywood. Guess what she is typecasted as.. Okay, she is typecast as Bland romantic comedy actor. If you are wondering what is the reason. Well, these are the list of movies where she played such roles- Just Go with it, The Break-up, Rumour has it, Along came Polly, Love happens.

5. Christopher Lee

We have all seen Christopher Lee as villan right? His image is villan type. He was typecast as supervillain. I am naming few movies that are probably the prime reason for the same. The movies are- The lord of the rings trilogy, The Star wars prequel, The curse of Frenkenstein, Dracula.

4. Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre was one of the most legendary actors that the Hollywood film industry has ever produced. His roles were different but he was always typecast as a creepy foreign villain. Yes, you heard it right. The fact behind the mask and The Man who knew infinity were main reasons. But, the off topic thing is that he will remain a legend for all of us.

3. Morgan Freeman

One of the most splendid actors of all time Morgan Freeman is known for his characters that he played, the ones that are eternal. He is typecast as a wise man. Don’t you think so? His role in movies such as se7en, The Shawshank redemption, Bruce Almighty etc are the reasons. Anyway, we know he is one of the finest actors of all time.

2. Samuel L. Jackson

After having acted in movies such as The Avengers, Pulp fiction, Snakes on a plane, we all know Samuel Jackson as a typecast badass guy. Yes, that is right. Apart from being an actor, Samuel is also a Producer. Well, keeping the typecasting aside, Samuel has proved himself as a versatile actor as well.

1. John Wayne

If there is one guy who always known as cowboy, it is John Wayne. He is the most typecast actor of Hollywood having an image of cowboy or soldier. Some of the popular examples are Red river, stagecoach, True Grit etc. He was among the top actors of his time who is still considered as one of the greatest actors of all time. His career spanned a massive three decades.



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