Most Surprising and Disappointing Compilations of Expectation Vs Reality

The very first thing we come to do after hearing or reading people’s experiences about places and destinations is to expect. We expect the things we plan, we expect the beauty, and we even expect the environment as per our wish. But , here is the thing. Do we really expect the reality or the reality is far away from our experience. Yes, that’s true.

WheeBuzz brings you the most surprising and disappointing compilation of Expectation Vs Reality.

1. Enjoying private moments at Thailand beach

Thailand has always been a country to be dubbed as one of the World’s fun capitals. People from all over the world rush to this place to have an amazing holiday or picnic. But clearly, You are not the only one who expect to enjoy the breeze on Thailand beaches.

2. Taking photo with Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Italy monument Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the mind boggling and surprising structures in the World, attracting a huge crowd annually. A particular photo style at the monument has become a must try while capturing photos. The reality part of the picture says it all.

3. Having a picnic near the Eiffel tower

Well, this one is probably impossible to be a reality as Eiffel tower is the most visited spots in the World, making French the highest tourist attraction country. Of course, the reality is mismatched with our expectations.

4. Having a cheerful walk at Howrah bridge 

Howrah bridge in Kolkata is a beautiful experience to walk through as it is often deemed as a mesmerising experience with drops of peace and joy. But here again reality is quite far from expectation.

5. Visiting the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is known to be one of the wonders of the World particularly due to its architecture and structure which leaves people into wondering. It catches tremendous audience which makes you not the only one visiting it.

6. Admiring the glorious Niagara falls

The breath-taking Niagara falls is always populated with a huge number of visitors. A blink of eye can miss precious moments here at the Niagara falls. The crowded place is never as per our expectations.

7. Walking around Santorini Island

After being devastated by a volcano in 16th century and reshaped again, Santorini Island has that all which can attract a person for beauty. The Greece place has been named as the most beautiful places in the World.

8. Admiring the none other than Monalisa in Louvre museum

The age old best known painting ever in the World created by leonardo da Vinci, is the only thing which has been talked bout and written about that much. The art piece is always surrounded with a number of visitors, photographers and journalists.

9. Seeing the breathtaking view of Taj Mahal

One of the seven wonders of the World and one of the most beautiful monuments to be ever built on this planet Taj Mahal is always fascinating. I know it’s heartbreaking that the desired and expected view is not exactly the reality.

10. Walking in Central Park, New York

The Central Park in New York is one of the largest part with an marvelous view of buildings and natural beauty. I know it’s heartbreaking that you do not get expected environment over there as it is a popular picnic spot.

11. A peaceful and relaxing Gondola ride in Venice

Venice is popular for beauty. The city registers huge visitors annually and many of them come to have a relaxed holiday. The eternal beauty, however can not be lived alone.


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Written by Jay Rajput

Jay Kumar is a passionate writer and Conversationalist. He is well versed with niches like sports, travel & tourism, entertainment, and news. He says his biggest hobby is enjoying living. He also likes and does a bit of poetry as well.

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