Most Popular And Influential Persons Ever

Though history is written by winners, but the change is certainly led by some of the most influential personalities of all time whose influence on us as well as the World will never fade. The world we see today is a result of their ideas and works. Note: this is first part. Other part shall follow soon. Check out these prestigious world names only on Wheebuzz.


Aristotle is deemed as one of the greatest and most influential personalities of all time. Be it Philosophy, Polity, Metaphysics, or Sociology, Aristotle has some or great role, for sure. From ancient Greece to almost every corner of the world, his ideas have reached in number of ways. Aristotle, with Plato and Socrates are considered the Greatest philosophers of all time. Aristotle’s ideas are relevant today also.

Leonardo da Vinci

Indeed the most popular painter of all time. His ‘Mona Lisa’ is considered the greatest painting of all time. Not just painting, Leonardo was also into sculpture, science, literature, music, botany, architecture, and what not. He is known as the ‘Ten men in one’. How can he not be one of the most influential and Greatest personalities of all time?

Elvis Presley

The King of Rock and roll, Elvis Presley is no less. He has influenced the world in his own ways. Would you name him the most influential singer ever? Well MIT study says so. Elvis became one of the biggest stars till date.

Karl Marx

A global philosopher who began an ideology which took further more shapes. Karl Marx is indeed one of the greatest thinkers of all time. His contribution is in Politics, Economics, Sociology, and you name it. The greatest reason why Karl Marx is considered one of the most influential personalities because he made people realise about a parallel thinking.

Marilyn Monroe

A woman who literally rocked the world of Hollywood film industry as well the World showbiz by her beauty and ideas. According to some people, Marilyn Monroe was the most beautiful face in the World. We can not debate on the same but here we are talking about influential people. Yes, Marilyn not just influenced the film industry, but she has been a role model for a number of women. She is also remembered for her ways of living. I remember a quote of hers i.e “It is good to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring”. This says it all about her living spirit.

Albert Einstein

Some call him the greatest scientist ever born, but this is, like most other topics debatable. However, the contribution of Albert Einstein to the world is commendable and incomparable. More than a just a scientist or thinker, Albert Einstein was an institution in himself and certainly one of the greatest human beings of all time.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was the greatest Dramatist of all time. His ideas and marrow of life are enshrined in his plays, and other forms of writings. I do not know anyone who does not know about Julius Caeser, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet etc. Shakespeare literally revolutionised the entire English literature.

Mahatma Gandhi

An Indian leader who eventually became one of the greatest leaders of World taught the lessons of ‘truth and Non-violence’. His lessons not just led the country India got freedom from Imperial British empire, but several other events have used his lessons to fight their battlers including Martin Luther king led Civil Rights movement.

Alexander The Great

If anyone talks about the valour in battles, then most probably the first name which comes up is this. He was a military personnel and one of the most notorious kings of all time. One of the really few people who dreamt about whole world conquer and did some of it.



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