Most Heated Rivalries In Sports

Rivalries are everywhere and is pretty important to grow mutually. It gives competition and a fire to beat the other one. Sports is a common arena of developing rivalries, no matter what. Apparently, some rivalries in sports have gone too far and got them a boat of popularity. If you are football fan, you must know about Messi-Ronaldo rivalry, if you are a golf lover tiger woods and Phil Mickelson is your thing, and if you have been a boxing fan then you must have heard or loved the Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier rivalry.

WheeBuzz brings you some of the greatest sports rivalries.

Kevin Durant Vs LeBron James

Kevin Durant and LeBron James both are one of the highest paid sports people today and the competition between the two NDA superheroes is a popular thing. Well, off the ground they are considered as good friends but on ground nobody can afford to miss their match.

Arnold Palmer Vs Jack Nicklaus

This rivalry is often deemed as the greatest golf rivalry of all time. It was 1960s when the rivalry started. No matter how big that rivalry was but they are one such pair of rivalry who are really close friends.

Tom Brady Vs Peyton Manning

Tom Brady Vs Payton Manning is a popular sports rivalry in NFL Football. It is said that the NFL Football fraternity may not seem a rivalry like this in upcoming times.

Muhammad Ali Vs Joe Frazier

Muhammad is one of the greatest boxing players of all time, there is no doubt about it. Same goes for Joe Frazier. This rivalry has always been one of the greatest sports rivalries in the world ever developed. The heavyweight champions fought the ‘Fight of the Century’ and marked the fame as a rivalry in the boxing World. Both had African-American origin.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson

Well, this one is new and you can probably relate with it. Both are two star plays of golf where Tiger Woods is dubbed as one of the greatest and successful gofters and Phil Mickelson is no less. Sports journalists argue about who’s better, but we all know they both are superstars, right?

Lionel Messi Vs Cristiano Ronaldo

Finally my personal favourite. The Messi-Ronaldo rivalry in football is one of the most popular and heated up rivalries in the sports. Messi is an Argentine star whereas Ronaldo plays for Spain. But they are more popular for football clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively. They both are separately known as greatest of sportspersons. However, the rivalry is just among the fans, they are good friends in real life.

Roger Federer Vs Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are two of the top Tennis players today and like two swords can’t be in one sheath, their rivalry is one of the most popular in sports, which is also called as ‘Fedal’. The top two positions in the ATP rankings revolves around these two and the fight here is for the first. Sports journalists say that this is the greatest tennis rivalry of all time.

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