Most Heartwarming Stories of Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day has always been the most fascinating day of the year for couples. Most awaited day is inching with several other beautiful days. In the United States, as well as the whole world, this week is dedicated to romanticism only. But today, we have come up with literally unique stories about Valentine’s day. Believe it or not, all the stories of this article are true.

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A man spend the whole valentine’s Day with his bike

Can you imagine the love between a man and a bike? Like if you have good bike, you surely are in love of it, but dude, hey! This is not valentine’s day about!

Anyway, as they say, love is love at the end of the day. So this guy spend his whole valentine’s day with his bike making his bike his valentine. It might sound hilarious but he performed all the traditional things a guy does with his valentine, like buying her gifts, romantic walk, and a lot of quality time together. After all, it is his valentine. But, I can surely understand the level of mileage and performance the bike gives lol.

US Marine guy flew from Afghanistan to surprise his girl

This is probably one of the sweetest stories you would ever read about the valentine’s day. You see the day has its own power. The guy flew from Afghanistan where he was serving to his homeland to surprise his girl on the valentine’s day in movie theatre. The video recorded with it is one of the most beautiful ones on this day.

A girl who created really beautiful DIY gift

Ever wondered how DIY gifts can be that amazing? This girl made the most beautiful DIY gift ever.

A girl made a series of envelopes of when to open as per the occasions. This, when came into light received much wow and love from the whole world. Isn’t it the most adorable DIY gift from a girl to her boyfriend?

A United States soldier flew from Georgia to US and surprised his girlfriend

This was really heart-warming to getting to know this story. One of the cutest things one can imagine on the valentine’s day. The soldier was serving in Georgia, and rushed to US state Minnesota on the valentine’s day. His girlfriend working in one of the hospitals in Minnesota was surprised by this breath-taking gesture love and affection by her boyfriend. Rest other nurses gathered round the place and the moment became eternal and everlasting.

Love out of Social Media

There are many cases when you hear two person met on social media and became life partners. This was such a beautiful story. The girl writes about his boyfriend and her meeting online and dating the guy. She tells she introduced her boyfriend to his uncle who was excited about the fact that they were dating and met online. The uncle asked what kind of line he used to pic her up, to that, the boyfriend replies “I just used a regular 56k modem”.



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