Most Exotic New Year Celebration Destinations

New year is probably the greatest festival connecting almost everybody on this planet. Ever since the beginning of the last month of the year, everybody waits for last year of the year as well as the month. Well, if you want to see and enjoy new year in real sense , then WheeBuzz has something to cheer you up in the today’s article. Following are the six most exotic locations for celebrating the new year in the World. In case you want to plan to go somewhere to make your new year extra hot and fun, these places shall be the best of options. Let us check them.

New York, USA

New York is indeed the best of locations for partying of any kind, there is no doubt about the same, and when it comes to New year celebration party, I would not surprise if people think of New York as their first option.

Times Square is what makes the sole of the city where every event is spent with full heart. It is probably the best place in the city for the new year. Be it Brooklyn, Manhattan or any place, New York literally rules.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is one such place that you are going to love every single day. The city talks in the form of really high and awesome skyscrapers spreading the lights of festivity. Well, New years are actually very happening here, you can not compare it with any other global city in the world, Hong Kong has its own essence. You know what, Hong Kong has a king like skyline and it sparks even more beautifully in the New year’s fireworks.

Sydney, Australia

Happy or sad, do not know, but Sydney celebrates new year quite earlier than the European cities and even more earlier than the American ones. This is due the geographical location and the Time over there, so Sydney does not have to wait for the new year that long. In fact, it is considered the first international city to bath in the happiness of New year. Firstly the city is adorable, and such a city where fun is what rules, can be even more enjoyable on a New year Eve.

London, UK

How can you forget one of the major fun capitals of the World? The city of London has been the centre of attraction since ages. New year, after Christmas, whole week is just awesome in the English capital. And hey, Thames gives the eve an additional touch of celebration, making you addictive to the London’s way of celebration.

Las Vegas, USA

No need to tell about Last Vegas. If I would have to spend any festival on Earth on any day, I would always choose Last Vegas for a number of reasons. Nobody is unaware of the  nightlife which is quite popular in the whole world. Cherishing it with the New year is an another level highness, madness and fun.

Dubai, UAE

Oh my gosh!! What a city! If you want to enjoy new year with people of different ethnicities, culture, countries and lifestyle, this city is, indeed, the perfect epitome. Dubai is a city which welcomes you with both arms opened. Also, one more thing that you can not dare to miss is the incredibly decorated Burj khalifa.

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