Most Epic Roles Played by Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the highest paid as well as most popular actors in the world. He has given some of the Greatest blockbusters in the cinema history. Today, we at Wheebuzz are focusing on some of the most legendary roles of Will Smith. Smith is not merely an actor. He is much more than that, but this articles focuses on the acting aspect of his. Started with his first major role in Six Degrees of Separation in the year 1993, there has been a magical career which is still there. Following are the most epic roles of Will Smith.

6. Ali (2001)

There was hardly anybody that could better fit in the role of one of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali. The movie, as Smith said changed his perspectives about life in general. The movie as well as the film remain on the top of some of the most skilled acting masterpieces by the actor.

5. Bad Boys (1995)

The role Will Smith played in Bad boys is considered as one of the most popular as well as biggest roles by him. Will Smith played the role of a detective in the thriller movies and was well received by audience. In fact, this movie established Will as an actor in truest sense. Again, the movie as well the acting of Smith were both talked about much positively.

4. Independence Day (1996)

This was a mysterious movie that captured the attention of millions from all around the globe. Will Smith played a really epic role in this movie. The movie became one of the best fantasy movies of all time, and much credit should be given to Will for the same.

3. I am legend (2007)

Well, this is truly a wow role that has its own beauty and uniqueness. The movie is based on the world captured by Aliens and the entire movie has been just run by Will Smith and his dog. Now, that is when it becomes incredible. Will’s role as well as the story got it one of the best movies by him.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

If you have seen this movie, you can never ask for more. Like, if anything is perfection in acting, it is this movie role played by Will. In his own charm and style, Will Smith played this role inspired from a real life person. The truth is that no wonder this role was given to Will Smith otherwise any other guy in the film industry would have been able to do justice with the role. This role became one of the greatest roles of Will Smith.

1. Men in Black (1997)

This will remain the golden role played by Will Smith. It is one of the most popular roles by him as well. Everybody loved the character of Agent J who is funny on one side and serious on another. This role wiill always remain perhaps the best role played by Will Smith.



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