Most Disturbing foods in the world that people love to eat!!

This world is incomplete without food; there are numerous countries, states, cities, towns etc with their different taste and type of food. As M.F.K Fisher said “First we eat, then we do everything else “, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that food is not only the crucial part, but it’s the source of happiness, positivity and a feeling of being blessed. It’s a belief if you want to win someone’s heart,  then feed them the most delicious food you know!

But do you know, there are so many foods that can disgust you and make you to puke somewhere, but surprisingly, those are the one of the most famous food that people want to taste and they enjoy.  Get ready for a ride to see another side of worlds’ most disturbing and disgusting types of food!

#1 Soup number five

Do you ever want to eat some animal’s penis and testicles for a lunch? Well, In Philippians soup number five is one of the famous soups that serve every day for thousands of people. Note, the soup is actually made of bull’s penis and the testicles are used for flavor. Also, the soup is recommended if you visit Philippians.

#2 Chicken crispy feet


The taste of these chicken crispy feet is actually tasty, but the bone part of feet start bothering you and after that, you found this crispy food less tasty.  These chicken feet are real and eaten by most of the people in China and Japan side, not that you can find this food in many other parts of the world.

#3 century eggs

In China, thousand old eggs served as a great meal. These eggs are pretty rotten and had smelled like sulfur and ammonia, also the Yolk part turns into black or darker shade in green after boiling, and the white part turns into jelly. The dish is quite good in taste but it’s highly recommended to don’t try to breathe the smell.

#4 wasp cracker

Love to taste different types and flavored of cookies? This one is the different kind that you can only get in Japan. The cookies are simple but instead of using chocolate chips or anything else, they use digger wasps that sting if you eat it. Wasp crackers are famous for the weird taste and sting feeling; people love to eat with a cup of coffee or tea.

#5 Steak tartare

This one is from France, steak tartare is made of raw ground beef, basically served raw egg, onions, capers and with saucers.  You will get rye bread or French fries as condiments with the dish.  The whole combination is great and tastes good; however, it depends on you and your ability to eat raw beef.

#6  Frog legs

After the chicken feet, France has better thing to offer and it’s much tasty than chicken’s feet. You can eat fries, baked, grilled, or stewed frog real legs with a sauce, made of garlic and cream. The taste of this dish is much similar to chicken and a little bit faint fish taste. You can also try Cantonese cuisines with these crispy as well as crunchy frog legs.

#7 Haggis

The recipe of this dish this simple, just take a sheep, take heart, liver, and lungs out.  Then put salt in the stomach of the sheep and boil it for maximum three hours. And serve as it is on the plate, your Haggis is ready! This cuisine is s quite famous and considered as tasty so.

#8 Fried brain burger

You have eaten various kinds of burgers with different stuffing, in central United say you can taste the fried brain burger which is made of cow’s brain and served with salad as well as the cream sauce. However, because of the mad cow disease, the food demand was affected; but still; you can find fried brain burger at some local food restaurants.

#9 Balut

Maybe you have eaten lots of dishes that are made by duck, but this one is something else! The alive fertilised boiled duck embryo is served in various restaurants and hotels f south Asia. The Balunt word is driven from Filipino dictionary which means wrapped.

#10 Drunken shrimp

Another weirdest dish from China, the shrimps are easy to eat as they are very much alive and drunk in a strong liquid also known as baijiu. Before you eat, it’s better to cut the head first and then you can easily gulp it. These shrimps are not only ranked as most horrific and no humanity food list but also it’s something that nobody wants to see or eat. But still, lots of people love drunken shrimp at parties and occasions.

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