Most Controversial Books Of Previous Century

The world is prospering and so are the people. Yes, the audience and readers have become a fundamental catalyst of any development in writing and art. But, the diversity of views, on the other hand, is something  gives a crispy touch to what we read or see. Probably this is why, Lois Lowry, the writer of controversial novel “The Giver” said “It seems hard to believe that people would find me to be a threat”.

Well, in my opinion you must all these controversial books to really dig out why actually they are called the most controversial books of the 20th century.

WheeBuzz listing Most Controversial Books Of Previous Century. Read it and enjoy.

The Colour Purple

Written in the year 1982 by Alice Walker, The colour Purple is considered as one of the controversial novels ever written. Well, first of all it’s not an easy book to read and secondly the plot of the novel revolves around sexist, rape, incest and sexual abuse. Needless to say, with this topic the novel would certainly be called a controversial novel.


You must have heard about Lolita. It is a novel written by Vladimir Nabokov, an American Russian novelist. The book was first published in 1955 in the UK, and because of the plot of an older man relationship with a teenager, people found it totally inappreciable. Not just that, people found it a kind of child abuse and the novel had to be banned in the US and France. However, the book inspired two adaptations and the book is quite popular. Infact, in 1998 it became one of the top five greatest novels o English literature.

Tropic of Cancer

As you can see with this picture, the novel seems to go ban in different countries. Tropic of Cancer was published in 1934 for the first time in France. “Notorious for its candid sexuality” has been the major description of the novel authored by Henry Miller. No wonder the book went banned in the United States. Today it is one of the most popular hundred novels.

Lady Chatterley’s lover

There is no doubt that D.H. Lawrence is one of the most favourite writers in English literature but his Lady Chatterley’s lover had to meet much criticism of being an ‘obscene’ novel. In fact, the novel was privately published in Italy in 1928 and next year in France and Australia. When it reaches US, one of the senators called it “a novel written by unhealthy mind person who has dark soul”. With use of not just the f-word and c-word (in that time), but also about a woman who enjoys sex, the novel is certainly a controversial one.

The Catcher of the Rye

Finally the most banned book in America from 1963 to 1982, as per Modern Language Association. The novel was written by J D Salinger. Well, not exact is known why the list has made it to the list of most controversial books, but some criminals including M. David Chapman, the assassin of one of greatest singers of that time John Lennon, has cited the novel pretty influential. Well… Enough to put this in this list right?

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