Most Bizarre And Strangest Animal Hybrids Ever

First of all, Let me thank the person who gave the idea of hybridisation because that is when we got to see some of the most amazing creatures on the planet. Zonkey, Geep etc are all the examples of hybridisation. Well hybrids are usually done by man for number of purposes. But, sometimes the hybrids goes too unpredictable and have a little shorter life expectancy.

However, at WheeBuzz has come up with the most bizarre and strangest animal hybrids that have ever been seen.


Jaglion is an amazing result of lion (female) and jaguar (male) hybrid. Also known to be called as Panthera hybrid, Jaglion is not very common. It is one of the most dynamic hybrids with an shining eyes look. Needless to say, a Jaglion has features of both Jaguar and lion thus it is more than dangerous.


The short, little and cute creature Geep is a hybrid of sheep and goat. Many people believe that Geep is probably the cutest thing (through hybrid) ever happened to the mankind. A Geep is cuddly and soft.


As the name suggests, you must be able to guess the hybrid has one of the parents donkey. Well, thats right. Zonkey is a genetic mixture of Zebra and Donkey which is also called as Zebroid (mostly officially). Human intervention is a main reason of this hybrid.


An incredibly extreme rare hybrid animal which has its own uniqueness and adorableness. Wholphin is a hybrid of false killer whale and a dolphin. Currently, there is only one which is known and is kept in captivity in the Hawaiian state of USA, making it a really really rare creature.

The Dzo

The Dzo is a strong and powerful animal which is nothing more than the result of genetic mixture of domestic cattle and yak. It’s skin is hard and is in much demand in the Eastern countries. A Dzo is known to produce more milk for farmers, making it one of the most amazing artificial hybrid animals. However, seeing it makes you realise it is a bizarre hybrid.

Groler Bear

What happens when two dangerous and super powerful animals mate? Yes the result is somewhat like Groler bear. Groler bear or Pizzly is a hybrid result of Grizzly bears (which are brown) and polar bear.

It is a deadly creature which is kept in captivity and in wild as well. Afterall, keeping such a big giant under captivity isn’t an easy task.

The Mulard

One of the hybrids which includes Muscovy ducks and Peking. Mulard is considered as a domestic duck. It is said that the Mulard was originally created as an alternative source of food. Interesting, isn’t it? Now you can see Peking and Muscovy together in just one body.


Liger is a hybrid result of mating of Lion and tiger. Liger is one of the strongest animals and is quite popular hybrid as well. Male Lion and female Tiger resulted in Liger.

A Liger is different from a Tigon which is a also a hybrid between tiger and lion but with a male tiger and female lion (a lioness).

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