Most Beautiful Respect Moments in Sports! Faith in Humanity Restored

Very rarely we see that sportspersons have any grudge towards each other. We generally see some really good sportsmanship spirit in players, but few moments just takes away the breath and becomes just exceptions of heart melting respect and love towards their counterparts.

WheeBuzz brings you some of the most beautiful and respect moments in sports.

Gregor Dimitrov helped Kyle Edmond

No need to know what exactly happened or what game was it, the picture says it all. The super beautiful gesture showed by Bulgarian Tennis star Gregor Dimitrov is just on another level. Kyle, couldn’t get up due to some internal injury in his leg, Gregor immediately rushed to his opponent and helped him sit on a place.

Theo Walcott’s calls his fan and does his step with him

The English Football hunk Theo Walcott once called a fan from the crowd and after this he did his happy step with the fan. The boy (fan) was just surprised and happy. Theo, later, gifted his t-shirt to him also.

Novak Djokovic shares umbrella with ball boy

French open 2014 was probably the greatest day of life of the ball boy who became a celebrity overnight just after Novak Djokovic shared umbrella with him. Novak called the guy and made him sit with him. Then, to ball boy’s greatest surprise, he offered him cold drink. Then Novak and the boy had drinks together. It was such a magnificent scene to witness. The audience kept clapping throughout the heart taking gesture of Novak.

Jaba Kankava saves life of opponent

One such moment in football which makes a game of really true human beings. Jaba Kankava stopped the game in middle and helped his opponent’s life. The Georgian football player was pretty much appreciated because of this gesture by the opponent team, his own team and the audience.

Meghan Vogel gesture

Though this is not an international game scene but Meghan Vogel did something worth appreciating in a race for a Ohio High school. She helped a sophomore who collapsed in between completing the race instead of ignoring her. Her gesture made all say “faith in humanity restored”. She became an icon of humanity.

MS Dhoni turns physio for opponent team player

Cricket is no less in this, where MS Dhoni, an Indian cricket player helped South African player Faf du Plesis recovering from pain. The moment Mahendra Singh Dhoni stretching opponent team player’s leg, it became a legendary sports moment. Several eyes were just stuck.

Justin Galtin respect for Usain Bolt

When the World’s fastest sprinter (also dubbed as fastest man on Earth) lost in his last race, he was paid enormous respect by Justin Galtin who won that race. Somebody has quoted very right “A legend remains a legend even after losing, but a true sportsperson always respects the one who deserves it”.



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