Most Beautiful Places In Antarctica

Because none of us lives here in Antarctica, all we can do about its beauty is wondering. Antarctica is the most unexplored continent, thus we get very rough and vague idea of what Antarctica looks like. Well, we used to read about Eskimos, igloos and all when we were kids, but our travel lust can’t leave us without the wonders of Antarctica. The place of paradise or the place of wonder, Antarctica bas the following things to do. Following are the most beautiful photographs and places. Check the whole list only on WheeBuzz

Glimpse of Winter in truest sense

Ever saw more beautiful scenes in winters? Most probably not, right? We all know that Antarctica is the coldest continent in the World, and winters here are like this. An epitome of beauty, if I may say. Paradise bay is a place in Antarctica which breaks all the records of being the most beautiful scenery. One of the opinions is that Antarctica is an overall beautiful place where you can capture some of the most breath-taking scenes but still, Paradise Bay supersedes every possible place when it comes to beauty.

See, touch, feel an iceberg

Nowhere in the world you would see icebergs like that of Antarctica. Since, it is the coldest continent, the probability of icebergs is high here. You can enjoy icebergs by touching and feeling them. It is indeed a great experience. What excites even more about icebergs is that they keep floating from one place to another, and never remain still, making them even more interesting and fun to reach.

Enjoy the lifestyle of Penguins

Penguins are very adorable. We have seen tons of photos of Penguins and we wonder what kind of animals they are, what is their behaviour etc. Antarctica gives you opportunity to enjoy the lifestyle of Penguins. Like other animals, Penguins gives you calmness and relaxation but, more than other animals, as we do not get to see Penguins other than a wallpaper or an internet photo. According to a photographer who have clicked various photos of cold areas where penguins are found, the best way to enjoy Penguins is too see and observe them.

Helicopter ride would be real fascination,_assigned_to_Helicopter_Sea_Combat_Squadron_(HSC)_4,_flies_over_the_People%27s_Liberation_Army_(Navy)_frigate_Yueyang_(FF_575)_during_a_photo_exercise_for_Rim_of_the_Pacific_(RIMPAC)_Exercise_2014.jpg

Ever wondered how would a helicopter ride in Antarctica be like? Yes, that’s right. It is beyond our imagination. Nothing in this world would be as enjoyable and breath-taking than a helicopter ride in Antarctica. You have a golden opportunity to see the unseen and unexplored places on the planet. If you want to see heaven on Earth, Antarctica from helicopter ride is a perfect choice.

Take a bath in Deception Island

This is going to be awesome. Taking dip in deception island’s hot spring sounds unimaginable. If you are thinking how is it possible to bath at such low temperature, then fear not. There is warm water because of volcanic soil in the south Shetlands. Those who have gone there and taken bath describe it as ‘Glimpse of the heaven’. These photos witness the happiness of the moment.



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