Most Amazing Christmas Records Of All Time

Yay! It is finally here!! First of all Wheebuzz wishes you a very happy, positive and prosperous Christmas from the whole heart, and presents you something that you would definitely like. It is like your Christmas present from the whole Wheebuzz team. Nothing, but the most outstanding records that have ever made throughout the world on this occasion. They are more than records to be honest, they are more than that.

These are the best Christmas records that you can come across. Let us have a look on WheeBuzz

Most expensive Christmas tree

This goes to none other than Dubai’s Emirates Palace. Some may wonder why the most expensively decorated Christmas tree is in Dubai, but you see, this is the beauty of Christmas. It is a global festival of happiness, and nobody can deny this fact. Dubai gives one such glimpse of the festivity. Dubai has always been a mesmerising capital of festivity. All major festivals are celebrated in Dubai with equal pride and love. This is the best part about the place.

Most lights on Christmas tree

This is going to be interesting, isn’t it? Kiwanis Malmedy / Haute Fagnes in Belgium holds the record of the most lights on Christmas tree with a shinning 194,672 number of lights. It really looked like a heaven on Earth. One of the best perks of having Christmas as a festival to be celebrated throughout the world, and Belgium celebrates it with full of excitement.

Tallest artificial Christmas tree

May sound for a bit weird again, but this time also the record has come out from an unexpected country. Like I had said, this is the magic of Christmas. Sri Lanka broke all the records of tallness of the Christmas trees on the eve of 2016 Christmas in the capital city Colombo, with a whopping 72.1m. The cost of the tallest artificial Christmas tree was estimated to be US$80,000, must be something luxurious to see and witness the presence of.

Largest Christmas dinner

Quite a weird kind of record, right? But, there is nothing weird about Christmas records. All are unique in themselves, and this is one of them. Ashley & Louise Gargan, in the year 2013 made this unique record of having the largest dinner ever on Christmas Eve with 9.6kg of weight. Okay, well, I wonder how can anyone survive after having too much haha. Remember, this is one of the perks of Christmas.

Most snowmen built in one hour

This one is my favourite, I am sure you also love this a lot. I like the way snowmen are built. It is, indeed, one of the most beautiful and fantastic exercises to do, especially on Christmas. Amazing to note, that it turned out to be a record. Ok, so that happened in Asian country Japan, in the year 2015, when 2,036 snowmen were built. Surprisingly, 1406 people participated in this regime and broke every single record in that field of art. They look really adorable. Their adorableness raises with the eve it is.

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