MMA Fighter Sticks Big Toe Up Opponents Bum and Gets Penalized

Mixed Martial Arts? More like Mixed Martial Arse, am I right?! On a serious note though, mixed martial arts is a brutal and tough sport and it isn’t something to be taken lightly. To win a fight, competitors have to go through hell just to be a level above their opponent and sometimes some weird tactics can even be performed. MMA fights can be gory and not be attempted without proper training.

WheeBuzz brings you the latest trend in contact sports and perhaps one which is attracting the most attention.

The preliminary matchup between London’s Alfie Davis and Brazilian Jorge Kanella

In London, This weekend Bellator 223 concluded a preliminary matchup between London’s Alfie Davis against UK-based Brazilian Jorge Kanella. In this lightweight fight, this London lad had maintained his record of 12 -3 by fighting impressively and won by judges unanimous decision.

A fight on a different level altogether

Although Davis’ win had stolen the headlights but that was not the only thing to look forward to in the contest. Many people say that stepping into the octagon can be a punishment but this fight was on a completely different level.

It turned out a bum affair

There was a head-head match between Kanella and Davis, where Davis’ defence started making Kanella frustrated and it led him to kick in a very weird place of the body which is very rarely done in MMA fights. For a while, it looked like as if it is standard groin kick but if noticed closely, Kanella had put his big toe in Davis’ ass and he was very uncomfortable with the situation.

There are rarely any fouls in MMA competitions but this toe trick has bought everyone to a standstill. Check this out

Kyle Johnson on Twitter

Kanella kicked Davis in his bunghole! And he lost a point! 😆 #Bellator223 #BellatorLondon

The foul was immediately spotted by the Referee Kevin Macdonald and he stopped the fight as soon as possible. Davis then calmed himself after this situation and then continued with the fight. Here is another angle.

Robin Black on Twitter

One Minute #BREAKDOWN: TOE STAB OIL CHECK #BINK!!! OH THE HUMANITY! No Can Defend. @BellatorMMA @DAZN_USA Enjoy The Hostilities My Friends. #London #Bellator #wrestling #lol #ouch #ko @ChaelSonnen @joerogan @bisping @TheNotoriousMMA @Benaskren @garyvee @therealrussellp

Well, now that’s something to think about. Imagine shoving your toe into your opponent’s ass what a thing to do.

Victory for David and a bummer for Kanella. Watch the full video clip

Bellator London: Illegal butt kick leads to point deduction; Alfie Davis reacts

British lightweight Alfie Davis recalls an uncomfortable – and unusual – moment during his unanimous decision win over Jorge Kanella at Bellator 223/ Bellator London. For more MMA news: Upcoming events: Fighter rankings: Connect with MMA Junkie on social media!

Davis had continued and won the fight with scores like 29-27 on all the 3 cards, so it could be said that a kick in his arse had done a favor for him.

Aside from the fact that he had gone through such a rare experience during a fight, he stated that within the next 2 years, he would become the Bellator lightweight champion.


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