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Hollywood’s Most Exotic Couples

It is a scientifically proven theory that opposites always attract. There are couples who have proved that this theory not only works for flings but also for long-term and serious relationships. It is very important in a relationship that two peoples should share the same values, but it is not necessary that they should have the same skin color and ethnic background.

‘Ordinary' is becoming an outdated word now. We are using this word for referring everything from fashion to marriage. It is very common nowadays to see the people who are from different nationalities, skin colors, and religion who are becoming partners in each other lives.

Below WheeBuzz brings you the most colorful celebrities and their love stories beyond the border-

1. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscila Chan

This is the youngest self-made millionaires and is a co-founder of the world largest social networking site Facebook. They have decided to be part of each other life when they are studying at Harvard University. Neither of them had known that what the future is holding for them. They have married in the backyard of their home in 2012. They are now happy parents of the two girls who are named as Max and August.

2. Doutzen Kroes and Sunnery James

This extremely successful DJ and Top Model of Victoria's Secret Angel have met and married soon in 2010. This is not a secret anymore now. They are now blessed with the best genetically offspring named as Joy and Myllena.

3. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

The next couple who is competing on this list is a majestic lover bonding on music and acting. Their love story is complicated but they have reached the enduring harmony finally. This is all very well explained in the song ‘All of Me' which is totally dedicated to his wife. From last decade this couple is together and have been bonding very well. They have a daughter Luna which is born in 2016, and the other baby is on the way

4. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The life of this couple is continuously under the scrutiny of the media. The paparazzi are always trying to snap a pic of them in their every move. This couple is one of the brightest and the most discussed celebrities of the 21st century. They got officially married on May 24, 2014. This is after Kim got divorced from her second husband who is the NBA player Kris Humphries. They are the proud parent of North, Saint and the Chicago who is recently born by surrogacy.

5. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

This adoring husband and father of 3, was thought that he would never settle down and develop a family. But when he met with Camila in 2006, the things have changed a lot. The couple has now been married for last 12 years and raising two sons Levi and Livingston and a beautiful daughter Vida.

Most Expensive Materials In The World And It’s Not Platinum

For a long time, bunches of individuals have trusted platinum to be the most expensive material in the world. This is not exactly true as platinum presently charges you $60 for 1 gram of the material. Brilliant Side has incorporated a rundown of components of significant worth, rating them least expensive to the most astounding one.

Here, in this article by WheeBuzz, you will get to know several expensive materials exist presently.

Heroin- 180 Dollars per gram

This drug sells for at least 180 $ per gram. By and by, better you never observe it for yourself. On the off chance that the films talk the fact of the matter, it's difficult to get, and that is likely why it's so costly.

Coke- 226 Dollars per gram

Cocaine sells for at least 226$ per gram. A medication that costs a fortune yet won't benefit you in any way at all. This white precious stone powder is a lethally hazardous opiate. Its higher cost, when contrasted with the one above, is clarified by its 'virtue' and expectation.

Taaffeite- 2000 Dollars per gram

Taaffeite is one of the materials that are rare in the world. Its variety of colors make it even more appealing that comes in red, violet, pink, and white as well. One of the reasons why it has not beaten diamond to prices is because jewelers do not famously use it. Taaffeite costs 2000$ for one gram.

LSD- 3000 Dollars per gram

This narcotic substance trades at 3000 dollars for a gram. The material is considered a vital one since it is used to help delay death. Who wants to die though? Gathering the material to form the solution is a costly job that makes it on the list.

Plutonium- 4000 Dollars per gram

Plutonium comes at 4000$ per gram. The product is mainly used by the terrorists to manufacture explosive components. This way it comes very expensively.

Painite- 9000 Dollars per gram

This rarest stone costs you about 9000$ for just a gram. The existence was discovered about more than sixty years ago, and there are not so many stones like this.

Tritium- 30,000 Dollars per gram

It is a gas and especially the most expensive one when it comes to production. The gas is used for lighting. It costs around 30,000$ for one gram.

Diamond- 55,000 Dollars per gram

Diamond is undoubtedly the best companion of all ladies when it is about wearing jewellery. It is a famous stone of all time that is used for manufacturing precious ornaments. It is also the hardest rock too and costs you 55,000$ to acquire a gram.

Californium- 26 Million Dollars per gram

Among all the chemical elements, Californium is believed to be the expensive one that sells at 26 million dollars per gram. 1950 was the year when this element was discovered.

Jadestone- 170 Million Dollars per gram

Jadestone is used to making jewelry and carving purposes, and with that, it is also considered one of the rare stones. The distribution is limited only to some parts of the world and purchasing one gram means $170 million.

Antimatter- 65 Trillion Dollars per gram

The next generation stuff already exists among us. Getting just a gram results sixty-five trillion dollars and this stuff is a blessing for space science. However, Antimatter charges a vast amount of resources and workforce to produce just a gram of it.

Reasons Why February Is The Best Month Ever!!!

It is no secret that many people have their own favorite months which they hold high above all other months for various reasons of their own. Some of these months score points with many, except it is probably not the first time you have heard that February is the best of them all.

Here WheeBuzz brings you some amazing reasons why February is indeed the best month of the year.

#1 Goodbye, frosty!

Reasons Why February Is The Best Month Ever!!!

Winter is no doubt a very appealing picturesque season, but the beauty comes with a price. You guessed it right, the cold. As much as we love the snowman and shooting snowballs at each other’s butt, none of us finds it comfy to freeze. By the time it’s January, we are ready to drop from fear of frostbites. The days seem never-ending, and by this time, all the afore-mentioned beauty fades into lackluster communalism.  February marks the beginning of the end for the maddening cold and a promise of a fresh new life to start blooming soon.

#2 The Best Month to Fly

Flying has grown to be the most efficient mode of travel. In February prices of flights remain to be at a reasonable price when compared to other months of the year. This is a case despite it being the peak season. The weather conditions are also favorable to fly around the world. Travelling at the best price and a time convenient to you is the prize February bestows on you.

#3 Valentine (Lover’ Day)

So when exactly is love so much in the air you could practically smell and even get a bite of it? The Saint Valentine’s or otherwise famously known Valentine’s Day. I bet you that gift you kept safely hidden in your closet was waiting for no other than February 14. This is a secular celebration of romance and caring for each other and if I could never imagine it happening on any other day and month. There is something about it, something that makes this day in the second week of February special.

#4 World Nutella Day

Caught you off-guard yet? Many people still don’t know what Nutella is or if there is a World Day dedicated to it especially. Nutella is a hazelnut cocoa spread produced in Italy by a company called, Ferrero and yes, it is yummy enough to get a free day. A fifth of February officially marks the World Nutella day. This is a day for enjoying the best for absolutely zero expenses.

#5 January Troubles and December Expense

January offers the hardest time to most people. This mainly due to the closure of many companies and the fact that there are no new jobs in the market. This is the reason why most people look up to February and expect the sun to shine on them again. December, on the other hand, ensures that they have depleted the savings through celebration expenses. Thus February becomes the month of getting back on your feet.


Consistently creators and designers from everywhere throughout the world think of fresh out of the box new ideas and thoughts, and some of them effectively change into genuinely great developments and marvelous contraptions that can improve your regular day to day existence. These shrewd items enable you to cook, clean, and, above all, speak with your general surroundings all the more viable. What's more, you most likely idea you didn't require them until a few seconds ago. So let’s have a look-

A bandage that explains it all


You no longer have to go out there explaining to everyone this and that and that happened. The arm holder bandage will say it all for you, whether you tripped over the stairs or was bit by a rabid dog.

The best colander


The new design of the whale looking like colander helps in the kitchen especially when you need to sieve particles or substances from hot water. Struggling and getting burnt is no longer the worry of the colander.

Virtual Glass street lighting


The virtual glass LED street lighting keeps the pedestrians and drivers’ active and expectant rather than the sudden light changes on the road causing numerous accidents.

Adjustable sitting benches


Everyone hates it when the rain stops them from using the park as they have nowhere to sit without getting soaked. The new seats with a handle are adjustable to the extent that when one side has an issue all you have to do is turn it upside down and you are ready to sit.

Pasta Fork

Eating becomes even much more frustrating when you are picking up pasta, and it keeps sliding and falling back to the plate. What are you going to do and you are hungry? Some people feel like crying at this point because they cannot help it. The new fork has spiral like features for holding the pasta from sliding.

Your facial Luggage

Finding your suitcase or luggage among many others is a tiresome task that one cannot avoid in a crowded area. The statement, however, is not entirely accurate with the luggage owners with the covers of their heads on the top of the luggage. One can no longer steal from you as you can easily spot them from a very far distance. This simple invention has minimized Accidents, misplacements, confusions by Firefox.

Cloth Folding machine

Washing clothes remained the torture of the day for so long among many people. Then the washing machines came. The remaining heavy tasks before one could enjoy a nice clean cloth was folding. A lot of time is spent folding clothes by hand, time that could be used somewhere else in a productive venture or just relaxing. The folding machine has sorted this problem. Laundry is done fast then; your cloth is steamed and folded even better than you could have done.

15 Photos about Creativity of Nature That Anyone Would Love To See–

15 Photos about Creativity of Nature That Anyone Would Love To See–

Nature has always been a blessing for human beings, and we get a benefit like food, water, shade, fuel and a lot more stuff from Mother Nature. But can nature be a problem for humans? Yes, it can be, the wonderful sense of humor of nature can be seen in the photos below. These creative ideas can be thought of only by nature for sure.

1.    Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland showed creativity in an apple orchard --

After the hurricane, the entire orchard was covered with apples, and no land could be seen. Seems like a portrait art by an artist, but was a live picture. Imagine it can solve the starvation problem of thousands of people.

2.    Snow-clad office –

The picture depicts a unique case of heavy snowfall. The Mother Nature focused on the office door and entrance only, as if it was given bribe by the employees to get a holiday.

3.    Floating bungalow with a big swimming pool --

Imagine living in this massive bungalow with no one around. Nature converted the entire town into a swimming pool, but this house survived because of the covering float.

4.    Frozen waterfall

Do you love bathing in the waterfall, try doing that in this frozen waterfall. The water of the spring could not stand against the falling temperatures and get frozen entirely.

5.    The snow-covered sand of the Algerian desert looks like a tiramisu

Heavy snowfall in Algerian desert left the desert sand with white ice giving the appearance of a tiramisu.

6.    Hurricane Ophelia brought you to the end of the world --

Does it seem like the end of the world with no way to go out? This is just an impression of the door created by the snow.

7.    A precise storm, Xavier --

This precise storm only uprooted the trees on both sides of the road, causing no other harm to the nearby areas.

8.    Thin snowfall in the Ohio region

9.    The falling rainbow –

This is an amazing depiction of the rainbow by nature as if the colors of the rainbow are fading away.

10.    The rain painting

The beauty of nature is depicted in the design created by the rain on this thick grass. It looks surreal as if it is a Van Gogh’s painting.

11.    Look who is at the window

Ireland witnessed just a little amount of rain which brought swans and animals, swimming at the windows.

12.    The rainbow dome in Australia

The dome shape created by the rainbow in Australia looks as if some glass structure or monument created.

13.    Whipped clouds in Kamchatka --

The whipped clouds seem like a spacecraft landing on the earth. These white clouds seem like whipped cream put over ice cream.

14.    Landscape design by the Hurricane

The hurricane uprooted the trees with the soil and grass around it creating an amazing design.

15.    Trees cannot read

The bark growing around the “Do not eat” board written in the forest clearly indicates that trees cannot read.

Weird things about girls, they do in the bathroom…!!!

Every one, of us, has their secrets, and there is nothing to be ashamed of that. Few of us might like to sing in the bathroom or toilet, or others might have a secret of keeping comic books inside their workbooks of school. However, here we bring you eight secret things that most girls do in their bathroom and do not tell about that to anyone. As a girl, you might be surprised to know that there are several other ladies out there doing the same stuff that you do in your bathroom.

#1 Swirling fallen hairs on the bathroom tiles to make patterns –

Hair fall can be scary, but girls do find some fun in that too. Most of the girls have a habit of creating patterns on the bathroom tiles by using fallen hairs and soap bubbles. Seems a lot creative, isn’t it? And mostly they forget to wash that artwork off so that the next person having a shower has something to admire.

#2 Dripping period blood on the bathroom floor after taking a shower –

During periods girls do rush to put on their undergarments after having a shower. However, during the sport, they may end up dripping period blood on the bathroom floor which needs to be cleaned up.

#3 Reading the toilet bleach ingredients while they go for a poo –

Mostly girls love to read their phone messages when in the toilet, but if they forget their phones then what? Don’t worry they have some creative idea in that case. Best way to pass their time in the toilet is to read the ingredients of the toilet bleach while emptying their intestines.

#4 Looking at the magnifying mirror in the bathroom and feeling horrified or fascinated –

A girl can spend hours in front of the mirror to get the perfect look. And what if she finds some horrifying pores, bushy eyebrows or Lil’ ‘tache hairs on her face? Nothing can be more horrifying than that for a girl, and she can spend hours to hide or pluck those. Some other girls may get fascinated by their good looks and keep on gazing or admiring the looks for hours in the mirror even while bathing.

#5 Doing gymnastics while shaving legs –

All of us might have seen the gorgeous actresses shaving their legs in TV adverts. But in reality, girls do a lot of gymnastics to get hairs off their legs. It can be better if they use a small table to sit on, isn’t it?

#6 Running out of the shower to get hold of the razor –

Girls are expert at doing a dripping-wet run from the bathtub to the basin to get hold of the razor left out on the side. But then after the bath, they do realize that they left behind puddles of water outside the bathtub.

#7 Farting while bathing –

Girls do love to fart in the bathtub, and it does smell a lot pungent than any other fart.

#8 Feeling horrified with shampoo in your eyes –

It is common for girls to end up putting some shampoo sud in their eyes, no matter how hard they close their eyes or take precautions.

Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations in the World

After the marriage ceremony, the most romantic thing is the Honeymoon as we all know. It has to be special to stay in your memories for a lifetime. Here you feel how your partner makes you happy by arranging an exotic honeymoon idea. As nature has all the beauty and here I bring you the most beautiful destinations for your honeymoon so you can experience nature and return with the most adventurous memories. So, begin your scrolling here-

# Piedmont, Italy

This place in Italy is considered as a very much romantic place especially for new-weds. Here, wine tasting is famous as the place is full of vineyards. You can take pleasure tasting several flavors of wine with your partner and spend those romantic moments in the fields. This entire place is full of lush green things. Also, it doesn't cost you much even if you are a foodie.

# Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

The place is full of beaches and the romantic rides of private yachts that couples often hire. There is a lot to explore on these islands if you want an adventurous honeymoon spot. It is one of the unique places to stay where you both feel that romantic aura every second.

Make your visit to Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia, and you will never forget the experience that these islands offer, full of jungles, beaches, and much more.

# Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is not less than any fantasy that is beautiful in all the seasons. You can always make your visit here with your partner as it is really an ultra-romantic place. The capital of New Zealand is full of nature which includes pure lakes, vineyards, mountains, and of course the fantastic art & culture. Some famous places like Lake Wakatipu, Lake Wanaka. Milford Sound, Skycity Queenstown, etc. can be visited.

# Ticino, Switzerland

If you are hungry for exploring nature in its most beautiful form, then you must visit Ticino, Switzerland. The place comes from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and for the romantic reason, it is the best one with perfect views all around.

This place has everything like those peaks, rolling hills, valleys, glaciers, and the magic of nature is just endless here. You can do hiking, visiting valleys, bungee-jump, and even ski when it's time.

# Antalya, Turkey

Again, if you are in the mood of paying with water activities holding your partner in arms, then go to Antalya, Turkey. This place is full of beaches and cruise that take you on the back of the blue water talking to the breeze. Water lovers will find this as a [perfect honeymoon spot, and you are going to love these memories forever.

Also, you can take pleasure in the Turkish Culture and visit the architecture that attracts thousands of couples every year.

# Seychelles, Africa

The pace is perfect for those who want to spend their eves just with their partner without any disturbance. In Africa, there is a place named Seychelles that contains 115 islands in total. There is nothing that can be compared to this place for the ultimate beauty of nature. As it is a collection of hundreds of islands, the charming landscapes are limitless when you can also book your private dinner at the shores with your partner.

Strangest Beaches In The World That Look Spectacular

We all love exploring those sandy beaches whenever we feel the need of gazing the sunshine and feel that seawater. The world is 75% water and that remains on the earth in various forms and beaches is the most beautiful form.

Beaches are always worth visiting, and if there are unusual beaches that you find the strangest ones, then you shouldn’t leave a chance whether it is Maho Beach or just Maldives’s stunning scenery.

#8 Punaluu Black Sand Beach


The Black Sand Beach is located in Hawaii that sets the black colored sand on the shores instead of the unusual looking sand. It happens due to the flowing of basalt lava into the sea that makes it cool so fast, and it comes back in the form of black sand.

#7 Pink Sand Beach


The beach having pinkish sand is located in Bahamas and that is, of course, the most stunning one. It creates the pink hue because of the thousands of broken coral pieces and shells in the sea that make their journey to the shores.

#6 Maho Beach


The place is located in Saint Martin, and the spectacular thing about the beach is that you can experience airplanes going on really close to the ground. The closeness of the airplanes also makes you bend so there won't be any Final Destination scene.

The beach looks very much beautiful with the blue water, open sky and planes going here and there. It happens because the airport is really close to the beach and therefore it’s the only option for landing there.

#5 Jokulsarlon, Iceland


The next one is Jokulsarlon that is popular for having the crystals like sand. So, it’s not something you visit for sunshine or blue water. On the shores, you can enjoy viewing those ice crystals in the form of chunks.

#4 Grass Beach


These strange things happen as nature always changes its way of residing according to climate and other conditions. The same happens with Grass Beach located in Kourou as it offers the tourists the grass instead of sand in the ground.

#3 Glass Beach


The most amazing looking beach in California. It is all because those small glasses that make beautiful reflection due to the sun rays. It looks really cool because there are countless tiny and colorful glasses on the shores. But, the history is not so interesting, as these glasses are a result of dumping the trash into the water.

#2 Cave Beach


The Cave Beach is not less than any beautiful landscape that anyone can ever imagine. It is like your most beautiful imagination has come true. The beach is located in Algarve, Portugal that is surrounded by the limestone rock.

#1 Gaze those stars in Maldives sand


Get the stunning view of the sparkling sand in the land of Maldives. The scenery here is truly incredible that everyone should visit this place at least once. The natural sights are breathtaking and full of mind-blowing sandy shores that release the glow in the dark.

The reason behind this glow is the chemical named bioluminescent phytoplankton that stays in the water of Maldives beaches, and it makes the entire environment a light show when the sun goes down.

Five Most Beautiful Houses in the World

Wonders are not just at exotic places or the travel destinations, but, there are houses in the world that also feature that same senses and sight. There are castles, houses, villas as a beautiful example of the beauty of the residence.

These places also welcome tourist around the globe to have a look at the extraordinary beauty here. These constructions are specials because they feature special architecture and things that usual buildings don't own.

So here are the five mesmerizing houses that are beyond your imagination for the beautiful homes-

#5 The Dracula’s Castle, Bran, Romania

This amazing residence is located in Romania that doesn't look less than any fairy tale. Because of the fantasy construction, this one comes among the beautiful houses in the world. This house also adds up some tales and one of them is its name. According to the tale, Dracula used to reside here, and that's the reason for this epic name. It is now a museum since 1980 that features 17 bedrooms and 57 rooms.

#4 The Manor, California, USA

This country house is located in Los Angeles, California that is also popular as Spelling Manor. It is known to be the biggest residence in Los Angeles that features a countryside view with a lot of greenery all around. The mansion was prepared in the year 1991 that shows up a French Chateau Style and spread over 4.6 hectares.

#3 Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

This beautiful and villa is very well-known for being a holiday home that millions of tourists visit throughout the year. In the France, it is known to be the most expensive villa that features a 27 story Mansion. As per the history, French King Leopold was involved mainly in this giant’s construction.

#2 Hala Ranch, Colorado, United States

It comes second whenever there is a talk of the most beautiful houses because of its beautiful wood construction and its surroundings. This property was found in Aspen, Colorado that later improved into this amazing looking place. The house has a total value of $135 million where there are 90 sections of the land in total that includes 15 sumptuous extravagance rooms, wastewater medications, 16 lavatories, plants and mechanical shops.

#1 Fairfield Pond New York, USA

The house features a wonderful looking pond, but that's only for beauty purposes and nothing else. The house is located in New York, USA and one of the biggest houses there. The total calculated value is $170 million that has 63 sections of the entire property. So, there is no doubt that it comes as the number one among the five most beautiful houses in the world.

Facts About Ferrero Rocher To Make You In Love With Those Choco-Hazel Balls Even More.

Everyone is crazy about those round golden-wrapped balls, yeah, you are right I'm talking about the most delicious and popular Ferrero Rocher. For the very first time, I tasted it, my love towards it began to increase.

There are millions of fans for the ultimate taste of Ferrero Rocher that also makes a special gift or just any occasion. You just tasted Ferrero Rocher, but do you know the other amazing facts about it. Well, nothing to worry, just stick with the words and get to know some fantastic unknown facts about the chocolate.

#1 Eat Ferrero Rocher and Be Happy


Well, you may consider Lecithin as a medicine that is used in the pro duration of these chocolates. It can cure issues like depression, anxiety, and even high cholesterol. So if you are consuming these Choco balls, you are all safe and in a healthy zone.

So the chocolate contains all the ingredients that make you happy by releasing the happy hormone into your body. It’s the reason we feel so good after munching chocolates, and Ferrero Rocher is always rich in these ingredients.

#2 Pietro Ferrero Used Hazelnut Instead Of Cocoa

Pietro Ferrero, the famous name who invented these crispy balls by Ferrero Rocher. This man went deeper with his creation and brought the idea of adding hazelnuts as cocoa was so expensive at that time. Let me tell you that this was the duration of World War-II when cocoa was not a budget-friendly option for him.

#3 Tonda Gentile, A Premium Hazelnut Variety Is Used For The Production Of Ferrero Rocher

Experts at the workplace of Ferrero Rocher always try to keep its quality at best. So, they always instruct to use only premium quality of hazelnuts and Tonda gentile is one of them.

Ferrero Rocher is still on trend, and people love it not only for its deep packaging but its quality taste. So, the creators of this amazing chocolate always take care of its quality to make its taste mind-blowing.

#4 This Round Shape Is the Hard Work Of Five Years in Exact

The wafer seems to have a perfectly round shape, but do you know that it took the effort of five years to get in this shape. There were several experiments and endless practices before getting the wafer perfectly round. So, if you are holding the Ferrero Rocher in your hand right now, you are holding a grand achievement.

#5 It Has a Dark Chocolate Flavor Too

You are mistaken if you think that Ferrero Rocher forgot manufacturing the chocolate in other flavors. The fact is people started loving its standard flavor so much, and the manufacturing demands are always high. But, there are various flavors that give you the opportunity to indulge in the world taste of Rocher even more.

If you crave for the dark chocolate flavor, almond, coconut, pistachio, or forest fruits, they are always available with the same name Ferrero Rocher having these different tastes.