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Uncanny Stories Of Urban Legends That Is Too Scary And Hard To Believe

Well, scary films and stories are something that attracts us most of the time. We want to know about those who are impossible to see with naked eyes. Most of the time we can feel them around us but we decide to neglect. In our mind, we decided to think about a reason instead of thinking about the actual thing as it helps to sleep better and live better. Think about this, did you ever wonder why your window’s curtains are fluttering so much? It’s a wind or something else. The sound you herd in midnight is just a normal housesitting thing or maybe it’s a voice of someone. There are so many things we face all days but we choose to avoid. But do you know, there are lots of people who are dead but they are not disappeared from the earth, they are around us, they are around you.

So, WheBuzz here presenting the list of  uncanny stories of people who died but their presence is still here

 1. La Mala Hora

La Mala Hora is known for evilness and she wanders around the roads during the night, looking for travelers. She hypnotizes people and tortures them for her own pleasure.When she is done with one, she took off for her next victim.

According to a story, A lady was traveling at midnight suddenly she saw a black shadow. The lady stopped her car but the shadow turned into a lady with red eyes and teeth. Terrified with this, the lady traveler started her engine to run off but the evil spirit continued to chase her. However, the lady traveler gets rid of the evil spirit but as she reached her home, she found cops waiting for her to tell that her husband was murdered by someone at midnight.

2. Abandoned Annie

Real Mary King’s close in Edinburgh is known as a ghost town as the people of their hit by the plague and left the town with lots of dead bodies.

In 1992, Aiko Gibo who was a psychic visited the place for looking some paranormal incident but she didn’t find anything. At the moment she decides to leave, Aiko felt something that was drawing her attention toward a room. She stepped in without thinking twice, according to her a pastor of the little girl asked her to do that. The girl also introduced herself as Annie who is sad as her parents abandoned her when she was alive and she also lost her doll somewhere. She was a victim that has died of the plague. Aiko decides to buy her a doll and she bought Barbie for her. After the incident, The travelers bring toys and even money for Abandoned Annie.

3. Single Braid

Well in China, the Single braid is one of the terrifying stories of a girl and her boyfriend who decided to sneak into a Hongkong. They took a train but things go bad when the police asked the passenger to show their ID. The girl freaked out as she didn’t have any ID. For saving herself, she jumped from the moving train but her long braided hair stuck with window. Her hair got ripped out of her scalp taking along skin o her face. She tried to save herself but she didn’t make it and died in the middle of the road.

According to people, the road is now known as Single Braid Road. No one came after she dies, not even her boyfriend. Well, sharing an encounter with the girl, a student told that he was walking and about to cross that road but suddenly he spotted a girl with long braided hair, turning her back toward him. He asked her if she is okay but she didn't turn. Trying to get her attention, he tapped her should but when she turned to look at him, the young man was horrified as the girl has no face.

9 Weirdest WTF Gifts That Are Given By Lovers On Valentines Day And It’s Too Much To Handle

Valentine month is started and very soon valentine week will going to start. Well, it’s a festival for those who found love in their life and for a chance for those who are still looking for that. Valentine day is a day of hope, trust, and affection that you show by giving gifts and doing other things. However, one of the crazy parts is to select the gift as it is a time-consuming process and also you don’t know what to buy something new every time. Finding the perfect Valentine gift is sounds like a miracle otherwise you just have to stick with chocolates, cards, and flowers. But, there are some people who go beyond everything.

WheeBuzz is presenting top most  9 weirdest valentine gifts that people actually bought on a special day! Not just it will help but also you will understand that it’s better to stick with simple chocolates and cards instead of buying this kind of stuff.

#1 Guns: made of soap

Okay here comes the question, why you ever want to gift a gun soap to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Well it’s a fine to gift some kind of scented and romantic soaps but A Gun soap is really weird idea until or unless you are not dating any goons or mafia

#2 Inappropriate Cards

On valentine day most of the people bought cards for telling how much they love each other and how much they appreciate the presence of that person in their life but this too much to handle! Don’t you think?

#3 Embryo Pendant

Okay, we are talking about romantic stuff, Embryo Is not romantic no matter what it says. And gifting such things on Valentine can seriously damage your image for humankind.

#4 Kama Sutra Cookies

Talking about weird gifts this one should be on the top list. Sweets and chocolates are one of the most popular gifts that are bought on valentine but these Kama Sutra cookies do not just look creepy but it’s too weird to see this.

#5 Beetle Backpacks

One of the confusing things about this bag pack is why anyone bought this not just for valentine but in general also. This gift is not romantic but also kind of the waste of money which you should seriously need to avoid.

#6 Dog Poop Soap

No matter how much your partner love dogs, he or she is not going to appreciate dog poop soap as a valentine gift. Also, it doesn’t make sense at all!

#7 Valentine Sloth Cards

If we didn’t get enough doses of creepiness then this one is going to complete that. Sloth card is a whole new definition of ‘WTH’ valentine cards. They look creepy, and even terrifying on so many levels.

#8 Meat Products in Heart Shape

Just don’t ask why or what because these things actually exist on this planet and there are some people who literally bought it and gifted to their partners. Nevermind.

#9 Love Toilet Paper

Someone took ‘ love is everywhere’ thing very seriously. Love toilet paper is printed with sweet and romantic and also weird messages that you will only get when you will go for pooping.

Here Is Our Beloved Disney Princess And Princes And How They Will Look Now

Well, there is no doubt that Disney holds strong emotions in our lives since we all were a kid. We all wanted to become a prince or princess some day or some moment of our life. There are lots of people who think that this is all a fiction but some of us believe that such kind of princess and prince exist. Well, what is the truth is still unknown, but you can't deny that we all loved our favorite Disney princess and prince and we still love them. Not just we, there are lots of artists who want to think that what our beloved royal characters will look if they exist now!

Well, here WheeBuzz gather all reimagination of  Disney princess and prince that we wanted to be in our childhood, and here is the list of your favorite princess and prince and how they will look  if they are real

#1 Alladin

We all remember Alladin, a handsome and a  guy with a witty attitude. well here is how he will look if he exists now.


#2 Prince Eric

No matter how old we become, we can't forget the charming personality of Prince Eric and of course, we all want to have a life partner like him! dont we?

#3 Tarzan

Tarzan is one of the epic stories that we all known since our childhood. Not just that, it was quite inspiring for people and also the personality of Tarzan was enough that make everyone attracted to him. here is how he will look!

#4 Princess Jasmin

Beautiful,  Brave and Gorgeous, Jasmin can be defined in these three words. Also, Her smartness and braveness attracted lots of heart! here is her look if she exists in real life

#5 Hercules

Do we want an introduction to him? Hercules got the personality of the greek lord. He was a warrior with brave and loyal heart. not just that, he was smart and extremely good looking!

#6 Mulan

Mulan is one of the most inspiring stories that we saw in our childhood. She was all about how women can stand up for the right and fight for what she deserves. here is how she will look!

#7 Queen Elsa

Frozen is a most beloved film that we all love, especially Queen Elsa!  There is no doubt that we all wanted to have that frozen power at least for once, so we can look like Elsa.

#8 Bella

A smart women who know what she is doing, Bella is not just gorgeous but also intelligent, curious, strong and independent women. She was the perfect representer of the women we want today.

#9 Ariel

Ariel is someone that all girl wanted to become, she is happy attitude and a beautiful lady with a tail of fish! Also, last but not the least her melodious voice was like the cherry on the top!


#10 Alice

The artist did justice with Alice and how the gorgeous lady turned out as lovely looking  Alice.

#11 Prince Charming

Cinderella is our favorite film and Prince charming is one of the most desirable men we looked for!  He was dedicated, loving, caring and one women man. A perfect combination of the prince and a good human being.

Hate Greasy hair? Here are some hairstyles that you can do when you hate doing shampoo every day!

As we told you before, being a lady is not a joke. Imagine washing your hair every day in such cold and freezing season! It’s one of the most difficult tasks that women need to do. However, lots of ladies don’t get time or enough motivation to wash hair every day and it leads greasy and oily hair. And for a lady, having greasy hairs is like a curse! It not only looks bad but also embarrassing. So ladies! No need to feel guilty about it! Here we are presenting the best hairstyles that you can do when your hair looks greasy also for those who avoid doing shampoo regularly!

#1 Half-Up Bun: Too lazy to try anything

Sometimes we don’t have that much time to do hairstyle and with greasy hair, you cant even let it open. So escape that thing and pull your half hair up and secure your bun with some bobby pins. You are all set to look fab!

#2 Twist hairs: Stylish yet simple

One of the easiest hairstyles that look good with every length of hair. You need to separate your hairs from font section and twist it.pull hair to the back and pin it on the cross side. Best thing about this hairstyle,  it will save your time.

#3Braided pony: Boho hairstyle for urgent works

If you love ponytails and you cant sacrifice it even if you have oily hair then do the Braided ponytail. Also, you can wear it for every occasion, no matter it’s an office meeting or just a night out.

#4 Messy bun: Simple, beautiful and trendy

There is no doubt that messy bun is on trend, you can easily find girls with messy bun. Not just the hairstyle on trend but also it is one of the easiest hairstyles that can cover your greasy hairs. You just pull your hair into the ponytail, separate it into three part and tease it.  Then, wrap it up in opposite side and pin it with bobby pins.  Create as much as you want messy effect and you will get your hairstyle.

#5 Fishtail Braid:  Pretty and new

However, it needs some time and also you need little bit practice but all over the look that you will get at the end is damn gorgeous. The Hairstyle also gives you a new look and a style.

#6 Braided Bun: Hide greasiness with style

Those who think that bun can be boring then you need to see this one! Braided bun is simple, just make a braid in your hair, pull few strands that will give some puffiness and pull it back with a neat knot.


#7 French braid:  Neat and easy

Well,  if you had long hair or short or even medium, you can try this hair when your hair is greasy and dirty.  Just make sure you comb your hair perfectly and don’t leave any kind of knots or tangles in your hair as it will harm your hair and also break your hair in a worst case.

Here are the 8 ordinary people who become celebrities because Internet couldn’t stop from losing hearts over them!

The thing is, you never know when your life took a turn and everything changes forever! However, some people might find this as a magic or just a myth but there are some people who proved that it is possible. Recently, the internet is all stuffed with new faces, there are lots of memes on them and even they are so incredibly good looking that you cant stop having a crush on them. Well, you are not alone! The whole world is going crazy over these 8 people who are nothing more than an ordinary people, just like you and others. But still, their beautiful face, sexy eyes and killer smile wounded too many hearts!

#1 Arshad Khan: Chai- Walla

You are definitely living in a cave if you don’t know this man, Arshad got huge popularity after his photo went viral. He is basically a Chai-Walla in Pakistan. After his photo become one of the sensational photos, He also received the modeling contract from various brands.

#2 Irvin Randle: Grandpa

So, Irvin from Texas changed people’s mentality when his super-hot and cool photographs received huge likes. He becomes one of the most smartest and handsome Grandpa, and most famous by his name Mr.Steal your grandma.

#3 Lee Minwei: Officer

Well, Lee is 22 Years old and work as the officer in Singapore’s airport. But things twisted when his incredibly handsome and cute face with that killer smile won lots of heart. Not just that, He also has lots of fans, recently a fan of his thanked him for making their social media more brighten.

#4 Pietro Boselli: Math Teacher

If you are one of those who hates math and trying to skip the class whenever its possible then you seriously need to think again, The guy here is a math teacher at London university! However, Pietro is also known as world’s hottest math teacher.


#5 Sarah Seawright: Prisoner

Well, if you think that in prisons you cant find the hot looking girl then you are wrong here, Sarah was arrested for mugshot case but her incredibly beautiful looks successfully attracted lots of eyes. She also named as Prison bae. interesting right?

#6 Jeremy Meeks: Prisoner

Jeremy sentence for two years jail in the year 2015 because of mugshot case. However, this guy is now model as his blue eyes made people go crazy over him and because of such strong fan following he got modeling projects!

#7 Omar Borkan Al Gala: Poet

An overnight sensation who become one of the hottest guys, Omar is basically famous for the news where he got deported from Saudi Arabia’s airport because of his looks and the government was in fear that his looks can make the women go crazy.

#8 Zeddie Little: Marathon Participant

Those who think the marathon is boring then you might be losing a chance to meet with Zeddie like the guy. Zeedie turns out as internet sensation because of his sweet smile and killer body, however, the guy had no idea that the marathon race is going to change things so dramatically for him!

Ladies! All set for New year? Here are 11 items that you must have in your wardrobe!

Recently we all celebrated New year, and also we promised to do better and feel better in this year. But what about your wardrobe ladies? Being a woman is a tough job, you need to maintain yourself every day, also you need to look beautiful every day. Not just for the people but for your own self too. But, there are lots of expensive things in the market and wasting your hard earn money on your closet is obviously not in your New year’s To –d0 list. So, don’t worry, here we are presenting 11 must-have items that will not just improve your styling sense but also make you beautiful without spending too much money on your wardrobe.

#1 White T-shirt

The white T-shirt is a blessing, you will never know when a simple T-shirt can save you from the worst day. You can wear White T-shirt anywhere and anytime. It can be perfect for any Night out, normal days or even for dates.

#2 Black blazer

Same like a white T-shirt, Black blazer suits with anything and for any occasions. You can wear your black blazer with anything, no matter it's a pencil skirt or cocktail dress.

#3 Denim Jeans

You are living in the cave if you have no idea about Denim Jeans and the magic behind it. But always look for fitting jeans as it will look great with any cloth you choose.

#4 Former Trousers

Investing in trousers are one of the great things you ever did, the former trousers are refect if you are going to the meeting or somewhere you need to look like strong business women.

#5 LBD dress

For parties or for night outs or for a date, LBD dress is perfect for such occasions. You will definitely look hot but make sure you choose your style and what suits you.


#6 A scarf

There are lots of women who have zero ideas about how a scarf can simply change your whole look in one second! It’s the best thing that you can have if your budget is not that high and you don’t support the idea of buying new dresses for every occasion.

#7 Summer Dress

It's important to be ready for all seasons,  that’s why it's crucial to have summer dress in your closet.

#8 Ballet Flat

Ballet flat goes with every occasion and dress. Also, it's comfortable to wear!

# 9 A  statement heel

Talking about perfect wardrobe and not including the statement heel is like crime.  You can go with whatever color you like but it will be good to buy Black as it suits your every kind of outfit.

#10 Sneakers

Well, comfortable yet stylish! Sneakers are one of the most trending things that you can wear with everything, even with skirts!

#11 White Formal shirt

Wearing white shirt is all about creativity, also it suits with every kind of mood. You can wear it with Denim or long skirts or even with your shorts.

5 signs with the 5 secrets that can reveal you got a ‘REINCARNATED’ life!!

So do you believe in Past life? Well, if you don’t then you really need to know these signs that can tell you about the real truth.  According to Philosophist, we have only one life to live and we should fulfill whatever we desired in this life but there are some people who believe that we actually live lots of life, we pass from one life to another however sometime we can’t forget our past life memory completely and that’s why we got some flashbacks in different forms that connect us with our reincarnated life.

Well, the question is nobody knew who is wrong and who is right, however, some theories might prove correct.  But we all know that at some point in our life we go through some dreams, signs, or maybe anything that leaves us in shock and sometimes we just wonder that what was that!  So, scroll down and find your sign maybe you will find the right answer to your unspoken question!!

#1 Frequent Déjà vu

Everyone knew what is Déjà vu, it’s a moment where you feel that you had experienced this feeling before. However, there is a different meaning if you are facing lots of Déjà vu, it can also be a sign that you had been in the same situation in your past life and the moment you are facing now is switching you to your previous experience.

#2 Unexplainable phobias and Fear

Sometimes we developed some phobia which has no explanation, however sometimes it can be extremely normal but sometimes your phobias can tell you the secret behind your past life. For example, you feared of height but you never did anything that can develop this fear to you, then maybe you did something in your past life that makes you fear from a height.

#3 Phantom Pains

Did you ever felt strange pains in your body? And even after checkups, you can’t find anything? Well, there are some people who believe that you carry your previous life pains with yourself.  These Phantom pains you feel. it can be a sign of your previous life even if you are not in the same body.

#4 Memories that have no connection

Do you see something or recall someone which has no connection with your life? These out of space memories also help you to understand your past life. But maybe it can be just an imagination or simple fantasy, but still, don’t ignore this sign it you are going through the same thing again and again.

#5 Older than your real age

Some of us are young but sometimes we feel old from our soul, It is also known as the Matured soul which can connect yourself with your past life experience and knowledge and let you think more better about something than any other people can do. It also tells that your soul is developing itself by every passing life; however, this theory is proven right by Soul Age theory.

Here, Bringing New Year ‘s eve 7 traditional food that will bring good luck and fortune in this year

New Year is about to come and surely everyone is planning on how to make this New Year amazing! Well, not just you but the whole world is thinking about something different and interesting for the upcoming New Year eve. There are various traditions and beliefs around the world that will surely be going to amaze you. These traditions also believe that eating some kind of things can bring good luck and successful year. However, there is nothing given about how much all these stuff is accurate but surely you can’t just deny eating such tasty dishes in the new year. And even after eating these listed foods didn’t bring any luck for you then at least you will celebrate your new year with a full stomach.

#1 Cornbread

Well, in the Southern United States, Cornbread is one of the luck-bringing food as its color resembles the color of gold. To make sure or to add extra luck, people eat Cornbread with Corn Kernels. So don’t forget to try this!

#2 Noodles

The long noodles without breaking is a symbol of long happy life, In Asian countries like Japan and China, people believe that by eating long noodles will bring longevity.

#3 Any kind of Round Fruits

Various countries like the US and Europe, their custom says that eating 12 round fruits will bring wealth and also round shape stands for coins. However, 13 is a traditional number in the Philippines.

#4 Pickled Herring

If you want to get the luck of bounties then you have to eat pickled herring at midnight of new year eve. This tradition is famous in cities of Western Europe. It also stands for future fortune and silver stands of coins.

#5 Pork

Here you get the choice, if you are not the big fan of pigs then you can eat whatever that comes with a shape in pigs. Countries like Spain, Cuba, and Portugal, pigs are known for moving forward. The beliefs say that pig never moves back as it stands for success, and there are also some other reasons that make pigs so special.

#6 Fish

Well, Doris Lum who was a Chinese expert in cuisine quoted the word fish as ‘ go to good luck food’. In book, Good Luck life that was based on chines celebration, the writer Rosemary Gong said that a whole fish including head to tail symbolized that your whole year will go great and filled with happiness

#7 Pomegranate

Pomegranate is known as a compact package of good lucks as there are various things in the fruit that stand for thousand lucks. For example, the red color stands for the heart of human and life as well as fertility. The medical goodness of the fruit represents the good health and the shape of pomegranate are for the unity and hope. It also is known for starting a new thing with all freshness and good thoughts, so if you want to do a new start then don't forget to eat Pomegranate on your new year day!

All set for the wedding? Here are best trending Pre-wedding photo shoot ideas that you need to know!

The wedding season is near, and there are lots of couples who are all set to get tied in a knot this season. But as you know, Wedding is not an easy task. There are lots of stuff that you need to handle; no matter it’s about finding best catering services to selecting the dress for a wedding. Apart from all this, there are so many things that are required to be done before the event take place. But there is one thing that not only plays an important role at that time but it also helps you to capture that moment forever, yes it’s about Photos! Not just photos, here we are talking about Wedding Photos! Hands down, there is no couple who didn’t want to have amazing photographs of their wedding and in the world where sharing photos on social media are so obvious at this moment, you really don’t want to adjust with something ordinary.


These days, People are looking for the different option to make their wedding different and beautiful. There are lots of you who may know about Pre-wedding photo shoot; however, the term itself defines the meaning but those who wanted to know further. The pre-wedding photo shoot is when soon to be husband and wife shoot some pictures at their chosen locations. It can be based on various theme and style; it completely depends on what you like to see in your photographs.

So, if you are looking for a theme or idea that can make your wedding interesting and unique, here is all that you are going to need!

Top trending Ideas and themes that you can choose for making your Pre-wedding photo shoot outstanding and super awesome!!

#1 why don’t you include your pet in photos!

If you have the pet then why don’t you add them to your pre-wedding photo shoot? It will not only make your photos beautiful but also make it more memorable.

#2 Best for those book obsessed couple!

If you like to read and your partner is equally obsessed then this one can also turn as the theme. The geeky looks cute and it will better to choose library as it will look natural in photographs.

#3 Romance in Rain!

Well, hand down! Nothing can match Rain if we are talking about romance. It can be your perfect theme to choose for a shoot.

#4 underwater love!

Those couples who love to try adventures stuff then they need to focus on this theme. It is not just on trend but actually looks really cool and you will definitely be going to enjoy a lot!

#5 under sky romance!

Stargazing photographs are really cute and it will be the nice theme to choose for those who are completely romance lover.

#6 Add props!

Little bit addition will make your photos more alive and cool. Apart from that, a color blast is an added touch that boosts up the emotions.

#7 Go for Fairytale!

Well, if you dream to have fairytale romance then you should try this theme too!  The magic and the fairytale aura will be going to make your love last forever!

#8 Classic Heritages

Travelling while photo shoot it sounds like the best thing that you can get! Go for your favorite heritages and click your best photos with your soon to be the better half.

#9 Into the woods!

Those who want to connect with nature and want to have something natural for their wedding, into the woods will help you to get what you are looking for!

#10 Mini you and your partner!

Well, no need to say but it is one of the most trending themes these days.  Such themes not just unique but look super adorable!

#11 Art Aficionados lovers

Another theme that you can choose and no need to say why!

Christmas Alert: Most strangest Traditions that people actually follow on Christmas!!!

Christmas month is started and lots of people are planning on how they make their Christmas special. There are so many things to do like shopping, cleaning house and doing another arrangement. The festival is one of the most celebrated festivals in the world by different peoples who belong to different places. well, these Different places have their own rituals and belief about Christmas and some of those rituals are too weird to believe, so here we are listing the countries and places where you will find strangest traditions that will blow your mind!

#1 Czech Republic: Shoe points decide whether you get hitched or not!

There is a tradition in the Czech Republic, where women use their shoes to know whether they will find their love in that year or not. The traditions are women stand opposite to their house’s front door and they toss their shoes back and if the toe side of the shoe pointed the front door than the women will definitely going to hitch with someone within the period of 12 months.

#2 Norway: Hide brooms to stay away from evil spirits

There is a belief that in Christmas is a month of Ghost and spirits arrival. For protecting themselves and their families, people hide brooms before they go to sleep. Its a tradition where they believe that hiding brooms can protect the house as well as evil spirits cant attack you.  it’s a belief that Spirits like evil witches stole brooms from the house at night if you didn't hide it.

#3 India:  Banana and Mango trees instead of Christmas tree

India is one of the largest population countries, where the percentage of Christians is 2.3 only. But the festival is celebrated by everyone and everywhere. Due to lack of Christmas trees, in India, people use Banana and Mango trees to decorate.

#4 Germany: Sweet shoes and branch shoes

Sweets are considered as an important part of Christmas, but in Germany, the tradition is little different. On every December 5th, children put their shoes outside of their house and wait for next morning.  It’s a belief that those children were good throughout the year, their shoes will fill with sweets and those who are naughty, their will filled with branches of trees.

#5 Italy: Wait for the witch

Well, in most parts children wait for Santa Claus however in Italy, children wait for a witch. This witch’s name is Befana who is considered as friendly and good. The witch brings lots of gifts like toys and sweets for all the children on Christmas eve.

#6 Greenland: Mattak and Kiviak dish to taste

Well, Christmas is all about fun and food. There are lots of places where you find some unique dishes. In Greenland, your Christmas is incomplete if you didn’t taste Mattak which is made by whale skin and blubber and next is Kiviak which is a dish made by auk wrapped around skins of a seal and kept for seven months. You can only eat this dish when it is completely decomposed.