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The Most Addictive And Popular Games Of All Time

What are the most addictive and popular games? Can you guess? Well, some of the games are the most favourites as well. WheeBuzz, today, comes up with a some of the most popular, addictive and favourite games of all time. I am sure most of you would agree that playing games is a really Common […] More

The Most Devastating Accidents In Sports Ever

Athletes are the ones who survive injuries on daily basis. Day to day injuries or tiny accidents are a common things to athletes but there are some of the accidents that have really shocked the world. They are not just tragic , but horrifying as well and in come cases that led to death also. […] More

Top Female Movie Villains Of All Time

Ever since Heath Ledger has revolutionized the role of villains in the movies from his incredibly wonderful and insane acting in the movie The Dark Knight, there has been a special focus on villains. However, the role of villains has always been a matter of sheer acting. But, women are no less. From the times […] More

8 Lessons You Need To Learn Now Otherwise It Will Be Too Late

Life is all about learning and going ahead. I believe the best way to live life is to live it. Lessons learned from life are the most authentic, real, helpful and important to oneself. You see, life is a rollercoaster journey full of ups and downs but the lessons learned from it makes it beautiful, […] More

6 Really Awkward Talk Show Moments, Yes they happened!!

The emergence of talk shows has made the reach of celebs to public wider. It is talk shows that make both the celebs and public share this resonating thoughts. Since the beginning of talk shows in early 1950s, it has been a wonderful platform to connect with a celeb. But there are times when talk […] More

The Deadliest Shark Attack Stories, Which You Can Imagine Only In Nightmares

Sharks are known for their brutality and ruthlessness. The victims who survived told some of the most horrifying stories about the shark attacks they faced. There are a number of species of sharks and only few of them are dangerous or man-eaters. The most dangerous sharks include The Great White shark, Tiger shark, bull shark […] More

Greatest Songs That Broke All The Records After Releasing

As we all know how much important songs are. In every mood we love to listen songs, on every occasion we love to listen songs. There are variety of songs. You may love some or hate some. Throughout the emergence of show business, there are songs that go hit and super hit. But some songs […] More

Insane! 8 Roads You Will Never Want To Drive On

Do you know some roads developed in this World are super rare to even imagine? There are some roads you can never imagine the difficulty of. If you have not seen any such thing in your lifetime, WheeBuzz presents you these really insane roads you will never want to drive on. Some of these roads […] More

8 Mysterious Photos That Can’t Be Explained

A picture speaks a thousand words. That is something rightly said. Photographs are a very common thing to capture memories and other usual or uncommon stuffs. But there are some photos which are just impossible to be explained. Yes, they contain some mysteries that aren’t solved. WheeBuzz digs out the 8 mysterious photos that can […] More

World’s Rarest International Borders That Will Amaze You

The world has more than 200 countries and some countries have only a water as border, these countries are called as Island countries. On the other hand, there are some countries who share borders with other countries and sometimes it becomes very rare and horrible. WheeBuzz presents you the rarest and most unique international borders […] More