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Gargi is a history hons grad from JNU Hindu College New Delhi, she is an avid writer for blogs and websites. As a voracious reader, she loves good movies and music. active 2 days, 1 hour ago
active 2 days, 1 hour ago

7 Self-Defense Techniques for Women Recommended by a Professional

Let’s face the ugly truth, the world is not a safe place for women anymore and it’s not just poor and underdeveloped countries which were conveniently blamed for decades by western media. Today ladies are killed and raped and killed in the most suburban areas if the elitists and riches nations of the world too. […] More

12 Biggest and Embarrassing Mistakes That Will Remain In History Forever

Ever made a monumental mistake for which you had to be embarrassed or reprimanded severely? No matter what you do the experience of making that mistake just doesn’t wash away and you feel like a fool under the sun incapable of rational decisions? Well if your small mistake… (And yes after reading this article all […] More

18 De-Stressing Photos That Can Soothe You Better Than Any Psychologist Could

Perfect pictures and photographs in a symmetrical and matching order and color can actually de-stress you. When a photograph is visually pleasing, it can induce an orgasmic feeling of pleasure on your skin. It can also be extremely relaxing for the brain when watching such photographs. WheeBuzz brings you this perfect collection of photos that […] More

11 Unbelievable Facts That May Sound Exaggerated But Are Actually True

History, Science and geography have some unbelievable facts that are pretty hard to accept but it is actually the truth. There are many weird facts that don’t seem like facts at all but are still true. Would you ever think that a cashew in their original form are actually poisonous? And that they grow on […] More

What Would Happen To You In a Zombie Apocalypse, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Clearly, in our post-modern pop culture, a zombie apocalypse is perhaps the scariest dystopian world which can be imagined which is even scarier than an alien invasion. How do you hide from your own family, friends, peers and colleagues and neighbors who are all around you and have turned in to bloodthirsty, brain-hungry monster? Even […] More

14 Major Signs That A Ghost Is Living With You

At least once in life, everyone has wondered whether the house they live in or the office they work in is haunted or not. Some are honest and open about their fears while most of them just keep it within themselves considering it just as a fleeting, silly thought. After all, ghosts are not real […] More

15 Stunning Photos to Prove You Have No Idea How Food Is Grown

The world over, people love their food especially those ingredients that constitute the elements of fine dining. However, you’ll be surprised that there are many ingredients which are used, even in your kitchen that are taken for granted. We never ever contemplate how these ingredients make it to our kitchens, how they are grown. There […] More

10 Facts About The Female Body That Not Many People Know About

Men and women are different; it’s a universal and an archaic fact. But there is a far more subtle difference between the 2 then the obvious ones. Women have far more powerful color recognition abilities than men, the much-demonized cellulite is an absolutely normal thing and nothing near “bad fat” as it’s generally perceived. And […] More

9 Notorious Ghosts and Their Intensely Horrific Origins

We all love bit of fun and creepy ghost stories on a  stormy night, but the fun ends abruptly when we do some research about these tales and find out their gruesome origins. What makes it even more bone-chilling is the fact is that most of the “stories “we enjoy are true events of past. […] More

How Many Hours of Sleep You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Did you know that your zodiac signs can actually give you an idea of how much sleep you need to be healthy and energetic? Well, we must all confess this is the last thing we read while we are reading about daily forecast but there is a sweet spot for everyone depending on their sun […] More